Boohoo Wishlist

Mint Green Skater skirt here
Striped skater dress here
Long sleeve bodycon dress here
Jersey Maxi skirt here
Floral print skater skirt here

Ok so its nearly Summer and I'm super excited! I'm eating healthy and exercising in the hope to look in shape for summer!
I've been wishlist making online, it's safe to say that whenever I go shopping whether its online or to the shops,  I don't shop for complete outfits I shop for bits and pieces, as you can probably see from my Boohoo wishlist its all just pieces I love, they're a little random but I know I have some things to go with each of them in my wardrobe and I do intend to adding a few extra pieces!

Mint green skirt & Floral print skirt
Every spring I absolutely love pastel colours! I don't know how I've managed to get this far without a pastel coloured skirt but I will get one or maybe even two! along the same line with skirts I really love the floral skirt above the skater design is so pretty it suits every body shape well, I really do love the colours to this dress the rich blue and the pink/red flowers is so pretty especially for summer, both these items will hopefully add a bit more colour into my wardrobe!

Striped skater dress
I love stripes its a habit of mine! I own quite a lot of striped clothing! buy yet again I don't own a lot of summer day dresses, I think this could be quite versatile it could  be dressed up or down, the skater style dress is very flattering on the frame as its quite figure hugging without clinging to much which is great for me!

Long sleeve bodycon dress
Now I know this isn't a very springy dress but I just love it! I love the detailed cut out along the top of the neck line. I also particularly like this dress because it isn't really short, a lot of evening dresses are way above the knee and I'm not always that comfortable so this is great and a bit more classy.

Jersey maxi skirt
I've been wanting a maxi skirt for sooo long now! and I love this one! again it isn't a very summery colour but khaki is in at the moment which is fine for me! I have some tops I could wear this with at the moment, it will work well for a grungy look I think, so I may be getting a clicky finger some day soon!

What's on your wishlists?

Kat x

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