Collective Beauty Haul

Before I came back to Uni after my Easter break, I thought I should stock up on a few new products, I didn't purchase these all at once it was more over a couple of weeks so this is more of a collective haul I guess. It's nothing major just some beauty bits I thought I could do with to keep me happy about leaving again. I wont go too in-depth about each product as I plan on doing a couple of reviews on my favourites once I've had a bit more use out of them!
Maybeline FIT me powder 
(120 classic ivory)
Before getting this I had heard this product was well worth its bargain price from watching Sammi at 'Beautycrush' talking about it in her foundation routine video.
when I saw it in store it had a chart to the collection. The shades in these are separated by pink undertones and yellow undertone skin, this is perfect for me as I have yellow undertones and find a lot of the powders I have tried don't quite match my skin.

Collection Blush
(02 Bashful)
I was in need of a new blush for a while now and didn't want to splash out on one too pricey at the moment, I decided to try this one, its a pinky/peach colour with a slight shimmer to it, so if you like a bit of shimmer then go for it! I do however find it slightly hard to blend out so if your in a rush its not the best if you haven't got a lot of time to spend blending. 

Collection Illuminating Touch
(02 Natural)
I was previously using Loreal Lumi highlighter and loved it but I thought I would go for a change and give something a little cheaper a go, I really do love this product, I am prone to creasing under the eye so if it isn't used too heavily with concealer it does work really well. 

Bourjois healthy mix serum
(52 Vanilla)
I have been absolutely dying to try this product out!!! Yet again I was watching on YouTube and Essie from 'Essie-Button' has been raving about this foundation and that kind of sealed the deal for me and I went out and bought it! I do love this product! I wont go in to too much detail about it as I plan on writing a full review on it but its so worth the money! that's all I'm saying! 

Neutrogena visibly clear treatment
I thought I would throw this in there as I did pick it up, and no boy or girl should be without spot treatment! I love this stuff so much! I tend to be in a rush every time I need to buy one and pick up the wrong one but not this time I managed it just fine! this treatment works so well for me it really does reduce spots, maybe not in 4hours but it does work! if you are looking for something new to try I really do recommend this product 100%

Garnier Fresh Essentials moisturiser 
I picked this up as they had a really good deal on in Superdrug and I couldn't resist! I'm terrible when it comes to moisturising and I needed something quite light on my skin but still hydrating as my skin can get a bit dry, this is definitely the right product for me personally! I don't like to put heavy products on my skin its nice and light and smells amazing!!

Real Techniques shading brush
My collection is growing!!! I'm super excited about these brushes and I love using them they're super soft and do fantastic work with my make-up! I haven't used this particular one just yet, but I will update with a review on my collection when my next order arrives! I couldn't recommend these babies more! 

MUA eye shadow palette
(Heaven and Earth) 
I love the individual shadows MUA do they are such a bargain at only £1 you really cant go wrong, I've seen these palettes in store for a while and hadn't actually picked one up as I do prefer matte eye-shadow instead of shimmery. anyway I gave it a go it was only £4 (Bargain again) and I really like it all the colours blend well and mix nicely with each other! 

Rimmel Kate lasting finish lipstick
(19 Rossetto)
I hadn't tried one of Kate's lipsticks before as I wasn't sure whether I would like them or not, but I thought I would give one a go, I really like this colour its a muted pink with a slight purple colour to it, I don't particularly think bright pinks suit me so I wanted something slightly toned down but still with a pink tone to it. I am really impressed with this little lippy! it lasts well through the night and is pretty nourishing on my lips. I got quite a few compliments on the colour too! would definitely recommend.

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain
(001 Honey Douce)
I now own a few of these balm stains because I am totally in love with them! I really cant get enough! I bought this colour in Honey Douce I think the colour is so beautiful, again its a muted pink and sits like a darkish pink/purple on the lips! they are quite opaque in colour which I actually like so they are great for day time and so moisturising! Perfect for Spring/Summer.

Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liner
(050 Tiramisu)
I bought this lip liner to go underneath my Kate Moss lipstick and it works very nicely its similar in colour without being over powering from underneath. I really like Rimmel lip liners they last very well and work well on the lips as a base lipsticks! if you want to try out lip liners Rimmel is very inexpensive and great value!

Sinful Colours nail varnish
(Pistache & Soul Mate)
Ok we are onto the last section of Nails! When I saw these Sinful Colours varnishes in Boots I just had to buy them I had heard so many fabulous things about them and they have finally come over to the UK at the bargain price of £1.99. They have a large collection of bright colours it was hard to pick just two (As I had already bought one) I haven't tried these yet but as I'm still loving my BarryM Grey varnish but I will definitely be giving these a go soon! try them out if your always buying BarryM I know I always am!

Maybelline colour show
I bought this Varnish before I got my other two varnishes, I really do love this colour its like an earthy green without being a very winter like colour so I think its perfect for right now when the weather is still a bit iffy at times. The brush applicator is great it isn't too thin or too large for my nails so applying coats is fairly easy and not too messy either! and you don't need countless coats of varnish as the colour isn't too opaque.

Wow that was such a long post I'm so sorry!  But a girl cant help it if she shops and shops ha! I Hope you enjoyed it non the less!

Kat x


  1. i'm dying to buy a real techniques brush! amazing haul:) I have the lumi maqiue highlighter - that's pretty good:) Now following you hun, would love it if you could check out my blog?:)

    - Hannah xxx

    1. Thank you very much :)! You should definitely get some real techniques brushes they're amazing!! Your blogs fab :) following you too hun :)

      Kat xx

  2. I bought myself similar products last weekend! :)
    Btw, which editing software do you use to put labels on your picture? And which camera do you have? The pictures looks pretty neat!


    1. Really love some of these products! and thank you!
      To add the labels to my images I use iPiccy, its a great site! And I use a Nikon D5100 to take my photos :)

      love Kat xx

    2. That is awesome! Do you use the kit lens are some other lens? The pictures are so good! :)

    3. When I bought the camera I opted for a different lens to come with the body, I use a 18-105mm lens.

      And thank you very much! I do use Photoshop if any images need enhancing, however I do think iPiccy have editing options as well :)