Mini Birthday Wishlist

Hello ladies! It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, I'm going to be twenty I cant believe it I've been on this earth for nearly 20 years it sounds so long despite being so young ha!

Anyway so I thought I would do a birthday wishlist for you all to see. There wasn't too many things I really wanted so it's not a huge wishlist I thought I would just include some of the items which I've been wanting over for a while and can now ask for them for my birthday!
Walking disaster book Amazon
Walking disaster is book by Jamie McGuire its the second book from her first novel Beautiful Disaster this book is from the point of view of the male in the first story. Beautiful Disaster is probably one of my favourite books I've ever read and I totally recommend it!

Vampire diaries season 2 Amazon
Vampire Diaries season 3 has been on my brain forever! I have the other two on DVD but never got this for Christmas and I couldn't bring myself to buy it for myself, I really hope I get this I love the series to death! it's by far one of favourite shows ever!!

Real Techniques starter kit Amazon
I really want the starter kit to add to my collection I absolutely love real techniques brushes and want my collection to grow even more I have reviewed the brushes I already own here, I aim to have all the brushes by the end of the year! (long time I know but I live on a budget) if you haven't tried them and are a little sceptical Just Do It!!!

MAC make-up in 90 Here
Ok this could seem a little confusing! but basically MAC offer a range of make-up services in stores where you can book and pay to have your make-up done, kind of like a lesson, the prices range depending on how much you want to pay and what exactly you want done, your taught how to create a look and then you get the value of the appointment Redeemable on products. For example I want the £50 make-up lesson for 90 minutes so I will get the £50 redeemable on their products! I'm soo excited for this! as I cant afford MAC make-up myself so this will be a real treat!

Light denim skater skirt New Look
I love this skirt so much its so pretty! It will be perfect for summer time and will look absolutely amazing with crop tops and sandles! I would have bought this for myself but I have been shopping a fair bit recently so I thought I'd put it on the birthday list!

Cross body bag River Island
I seem to have a large weakness for handbags! but i always go for black I have so many I needed something colourful, i did originally want the brown version of this but its no longer online which is a pain but I think the pink will be great for summer and this bag will look great in the daytime particularly with the skater skirt!

Beige oversized jumper Boohoo
This is such a lovely jumper! Its oversized and from the write up its still fairly light. This will be Fabulous for summer evenings just to wrap up warm if it gets a little chilly, I think this will look great with shorts and skirts as well as jeans. its a must have for me!

So there you have it my mini birthday wishlist! there are some other little bits and bobs I'd like but these are the things I've wanted for a little while now and can't wait for! I hope you've enjoyed this I really cant wait for my birthday now!!

What are on your wishlists at the moment?

Love Kat x

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  1. I need to get that Real Techniques set. Cool wishlist :) x