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Hello ladies! I've been a little lazy posting so I'll get right into it!

I was in desperate need of some make-up brushes, so I decided to research and discover some make-up brushes I could invest in instead of using cheap make-up brushes which I thought "did the job". I can safely say I wasn't down with spending £21.00 on a single brush. Then I found these wonder brushes with fabulous reviews upon review! I am slowly growing my collection, living on a budget doesn't allow me to spend a lot of money at once, all my purchasing is done over some time!

These brushes have Taklon bristles which  is a synthetic and 100% cruelty-free! the brushes are super soft which helps to create the flawless finish you so often see! Each brush is hand cut to help with precision application, from a "dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish." What I also love about these brushes is that they can be used with all sorts of make-ups from powders, creams, liquids and many more! the names of the brushes are on the handles which help you to reference which brush to use!
 Core collection from Amazon £19.91
I recently purchased the core collection mainly for the buffing brush as I have seen it used in many YouTube videos and blogs. I can see why!
Buffing Brush
I absolutely love this brush so much!! it is absolutely amazing for giving a flawless, seamless finish! it may even be better than the Expert face brush! I use it to apply my liquid foundations, (it can be used for other products) its easy to use for adding more product if you want a fuller coverage but personally it make my skin look 10x better!

Pointed Foundation brush
I really do like this brush, however I don't use it for foundation because I personally think its too small, I use this to blend my highlighter and concealer which it does a fantastic job doing, I use a stippling motion with this brush under my eyes to apply products and I am prone to creasing. Really recommend this for concealer ladies works a treat!

Contour Brush
As much as I like this brush I haven't used it a whole lot as I don't need much contour in face as I have quite high cheekbones as it is, I mainly use this for highlighter on top of my cheeks, I do still use it (maybe not everyday) and I will say it is staple piece in any collection.

Detailer Brush
I tried using this brush for concealer but found it too small for me, however it is a perfect size for applying lipstick! or if you have any small areas around the eye you need to touch up, for example if I make a mistake with my make up and take part of it off its perfect for filling in with more foundation or concealer but as I said personally only for 'detailing' (Hence its name I guess)
These brushes are sold separately
Blush Brush Amazon £9.99
Expert Face Brush Amazon £9.99
Shading Brush Amazon £6.99

Blush Brush
I love this brush!! its super light and glides over the skin perfectly! I mainly use this at the moment to apply my powder as I haven't yet purchased the powder brush from the collection yet, its amazing it gives a light coverage of powder with no caking I currently use it with my Maybelline Fix me power (120 Classic ivory) they really are a perfect pair! Of course I have used it for blusher and its fantastic for that too it blends blusher perfectly without leaving just a spot of blush on the apples of the cheeks which I've found previous brushes to do! just Amazing!

Expert Face Brush
This was actually my first brush of the collection and I fell in love with it from just looking at it in the box! This is the brush that made me buy the rest of these babies! I do love this brush I feel it helps me get a light/medium coverage depending on what foundation I am using! like I said before it has slightly been left alone since getting my buffing brush but I use this for different foundations and if I want slightly more coverage if I'm having one of those bad skin days we all uncomfortably get!

Shading Brush
I love this little brush its super cute and does an amazing job at blending as well as shading, I maybe haven't used it to its full potential just yet I am waiting for my birthday when I am hopefully getting the starter kit (Fingers crossed) if you are looking for a shading brush on its own which isn't too expensive then definitely get this! its so worth the price!!

Ok lovely ladies, this is my Real Techniques collection so far! Another mega long post sorry!
 I will update when hopefully I can add more brushes! I really do think these brushes are so worth it! if your living on a budget like me they're so inexpensive particularly compared to other brands, I'm a student so I tend to stick to Drugstore products, if your thinking they're a little pricey don't be put off! I was at first but as soon as I took the plunge I realised how inexpensive and worth it they are! Don't fear!

Have you got any recommendations of brushes you have used?
LoveKat x


  1. This is such an informative post, I really enjoyed reading it (: I've heard so many good things about the Real Techniques collection and after readinf your review I might have to go out and try for myself!

    Personally I use MAC brushes which i'm very impressed with and I definitely recommend them.
    Lovely blog.

    Jennifer @

  2. Thank you very much! that's nice of you :). The real techniques brushes really are fab you should try them!
    I haven't got any MAC brushes yet I really need to get some soon! im dying to try them!

    Kat x