Vintage trunk

The other day my boyfriend and I went shopping (as we usually do) I was looking for a leaving present for my friend as she is moving to Australia. I found myself walking into TK Maxx, its somewhere I have to avoid when I'm out because I end up spending so much money! However I do love this shop because they do so much amazing quirky things it’s like a gold mine for me! 

Anyway I was looking around the home-ware section looking at all these amazing vases, intricately designed mirrors, bits and bob boxes when I came across a section of trunks, I've always wanted a large wooden trunk to sit at the end of my bed but they’re so expensive I always had to give it a miss, but right there in front of me there were smaller vintage style trunks there we're so many to choose from I felt lost, but I just had to have one.

I had no idea what I wanted to put inside one so deciding on a size was tricky, I did manage to narrow my decision down to two, the first one was a small mustard coloured chest with beautiful stitch detail, it was just big enough for your diary and notepads etc.. as amazing as that would have been, the space in it just wouldn't have been enough for me I knew I would have regretted it as soon as I got home, but every cloud has a silver lining, I also loved the trunk above, with its beautiful brown leather stitched edging and studs, the décor of the box is designed with London landmarks and italic writing in a blue colour with a beige background, I absolutely love the design! Despite being from the UK I still act like a total tourist whenever I go to London I just love it! So it was just destined to be with me! 

I absolutely love this find it’s so beautiful and it fits in well with my room décor too! I’ll be honest I'm struggling to fill it (it currently hold my diary and a pen) but it was so worth it at the bargain price of £19.99. Don’t get me wrong though I still want a large dark trunk one day I will have one but this little beauty will keep me one happy lady in the meantime!

Do you love the design as much as me? Do you know anywhere to get bargain trunks?

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