Beauty Things I Suck At

I've seen this over on numerous YouTube channels and blogs and thought I would give it a go and share with you what I really suck at with beauty! I don't confess to being amazing at make-up but I'd love it if I could master these and not take as long as I do when I do my make-up.
Eye Flicks. Now this in my go to with everyday make-up and usually nights out too, Safe to say I love it to death! However despite doing it most days I still can never get them to look the same! its so frustrating I end up taking it off and re-doing it over again I then get sore eyes and my eyes look darker, its all a big fluffle (Odd word I know but hey) What is typical with me though is if I'm bored and I just fancy popping to the shops, then my eye liner looks good its when it really counts, when I really should look nice that it doesn't!

False Eyelashes, This is probably the beauty item all beauty lovers can handle, but not me I can apply them just fine, But it doesn't matter which eye lashes I try, which style, which brand they all seem to weigh my eyes down, to me I think it look like I may as well be half asleep, I didn't think I had that smaller eyes but I cant seem to find the perfect false eye lashes, which don't make me feel silly. I've wasted so much money on eye lashes which I don't think work for me, All I want it some long lashes for a night out is that too much to ask for?

Blusher/Bronzer, This is something which should come naturally really, but I think I'm probably a little too fussy when it comes to blusher, For me I like a subtle colour on my cheeks nothing too much just a little flush, but I cant find an affordable blush which isn't too rich in colour and which blends perfectly into my skin, What doesn't help is that I'm so scared when I see really dark or really bright colours of blush in the shops I'm convinced I wont be able to blend them well enough and I'll end up with two splodges of colour on my cheeks. Ok so onto Bronzer this could kind of go into the whole contouring, I have high cheekbones quite naturally and with it thin cheeks, I never know whether I'm just making myself look gaunt by bronzing/contouring but I feel that I should because I want a more prominent jaw bone, its all very confusing when I'm doing this part of my make-up I just cant find a happy medium or a technique to help.

Hair Curling, This is the most annoying things for me, don't get me wrong I can curl my hair but... if I want loose curls for the night they will be tight bouncy curls, if I want the ends of my hair to be curly it all curls up, and if I want big bouncy curls it falls into loose curls. I just cant seem to get it right for the night and it get soo frustrating because certain hairstyles will look good with certain outfits/events. This annoys me so much I usually just straighten my hair for a night out which for me personally is pretty dull! I got to sort this out girls and get it right!

What are you not so good at with Beauty?
 Have you got any tips n Tricks?

Love Kat x

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  1. I really suck at hair curling too! haha I bought heated rollers they seem easier to use :-) amazing post and a great idea might do this too :D x