Bourjois Healthy mix serum review

This foundation has been raved about so much in the beauty world and rightly so! Many people have said it’s a dupe for the Chanel pro lumiere foundation, I personally haven’t used that foundation myself but I'm vaguely aware that both Bourjois and Chanel are made in the same factory, which would explain the comparisons.

I've been using this foundation for a few weeks now and I have to say I think I am in love, I haven’t used huge amounts of different foundations in my time but I've tried a fair few and this is possibly my favourite, it seems to have taken place of my L’Oreal true match foundation which I absolutely love to death, but this baby is something I keep reaching for daily.

This foundation says it’s a Gel foundation, it isn't exactly a gel but I would say the texture of it is different to a liquid foundation by being softer and lightweight this helps it glide perfectly onto the skin leaving my skin looking radiant and dewy, it does say it’s a semi-matte finish which is right as it leaves a glow in just the right places. I would say this foundation is best for normal/dry skin types as it is dewy on the skin. It’s fairly light in coverage but can easily be built to a medium coverage without looking cakey which is great because that is pet hate of mine!

Because of the light coverage and the dewy/matte finish this foundation is perfect for Spring/Summer and I highly recommend this if you haven’t already tried it! I really do think I am in love with this foundation. Try it for yourselves!

What is your favourite Foundation?

Love Kat x

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