Mini MUA Haul

Hello Ladies! I hope you all looking forward to the weekend it's Friday already!! I just love how the week can fly by!

I have another haul to show you all its only a little one hence the 'mini' in the title! I went into a different superdrug to my usual one and found a huge MUA stand and got myself a little excited at the range available. So I picked up a few bits and pieces I've been wanting to try for a little while but haven't been able to get my hands on as a lot of shops and online have been sold out or don't stock all the products.
These two palettes have been on my little wishlist in my diary for a while now, I just haven't been able to get my hands on them hardly anywhere. My reasoning for wanting these palettes so much is because they are supposed to be Dupes for the Naked and Naked 2 palettes by Urban Decay. As I have said in numerous posts I am a student and I cant afford lavish products all of the time, so after reading many many many reviews and comparisons of the palettes I decided to give these ones a go and save myself a heck of a lot of money. one day I am determined to buy the Urban Decay palettes but for now these will keep me happy. I haven't used these much just yet but I plan on doing some reviews on them once I have.
Matte eyeshadow - Shade 17
The first time I used this eye shadow was when they were first released, and I remember loving it completely, it was the perfect colour for my eyes when I went to sixth form as I never liked wearing too much make-up daily. But I lost it and was really disappointed  But like I said earlier I managed to find it again in the amazing Guildford Superdrug store, and was honestly made up. I do find it is slightly chalky in consistency but it is only used for a daily bases for neutral looks so its pretty much perfect. and as you may find out I love matte eye shadows!

Pro-Base Primer
I am someone who has a 'normal' skin type however my eyelids can get oily and depending on what shadow or foundation I use my eye shadow creases and its the most frustrating thing as I'm sure you all know!
I don't quite have the funds at the moment to try the Urban decay primer potion at the moment as much as I would like to my bank is saying a strong no. So I thought I would give this one a go and see how I got on, I've only used it a couple of times and so far  I really like it its not as long wearing as I would have hoped but it does a good job and I'm pretty happy with it.
Nail Polish - Pistachio Ice cream
This is another MUA products I've been wanting to pick up for a while, I love this colour and it's nice to find it for only £1, although I like the brand the nail polish isn't the most long lasting and I don't feel it sits so nicely around the cuticle area. However it is still such a lovely colour and I will always top my nail varnish collection up with this brand! although I will say this bottle does look extremely like Essie... just saying.

Ok so that's my little update on what I've been buying recently, I know you've seen a fair few hauls from me but it has all been bought over a period of time so its not all bad! I plan on doing some reviews on some of these soon too!

What are you favourite MUA products?
Love Kat x


  1. Ahh I love little MUA hauls :)they're so easily done. I've got both of these palettes and I love them. I like a natural/retro eye and these are perfect for that.

    chanelle jade

  2. I love your photography skills!!

    Love, Nathaly

    1. Thank you, Thats really nice of you!


  3. I've wanted those palettes for a while now too :) I have naked 2 and I'm really keen to see how it would compare as a cheaper alternative for when I run out!
    & I keep seeing pistachio ice cream popping up on blogs & I NEED it in my life, it's such a gorgeous colour!xx

    1. I really want the naked 2 palette! They look amazing! But as I have these it may have to be a future purchase, these are fab palettes would really recommend them!