My week in Pictures

Hey Dolls! I hope your all enjoying the bank holiday! I thought I would do a quick post today as I am sadly and madly busy packing to go home from university! I'm so gutted my first year is over! and I'm actually leaving a week earlier than I originally planned too. I've had such a great first year and I've met so many wonderful people! the next three months are going to be hard, but many trips and meet ups are planned with my friends! 
I thought I would do something slightly different for you today I haven't done a post like this before but I really enjoy reading these types of posts, so here it goes.
Ok so first from left to right. We have the Urban Decay Oz palette (Theodora) It arrived!!! I was so excited When it did, I haven't used it yet and I'm really looking forward to using it! Some of you may know how much I wanted this palette from my Mini Beauty Wishlist here 

Blogging, I managed to fit in planning some blog posts for all you lovely ladies! and I am pleased to say there not all hauls! I seem to do a few of those quite recently as I tend to stop off in Boots or Superdrug a little too often for my own good!

My fabulous flatmate and friend has helped a 'sista' out by allowing me to sell her Film Study books for myself as I am having a few issues in that department! So if your interested let me know!

Ah my Body Shop order arrived! The lovely people at The Body shop offered us all 40% off and free delivery over £5 so I purchased these two items  The Coconut Body mist and Hemp hand corrector, I didn't want to go too crazy as I didn't really need them it was more of a want (but we all know what that's like don't we ladies)

(Second row Left) No iPhone is without a good old "selfie" eh? Ha this is me just before going out for dinner with one of my friends this week, I managed to actually curl my hair the way I wanted it too and was pretty happy with myself (hence the photo) My brother was quick to state yet again my resemblance to Kate Bush with the hair! which is just typical.

Diary, I have to admit I am a little old fashioned with some things, yes I am a 21st century girl who writes in a journal, I don't do it too often But I do find it helps me cope better with things to write how I feel about something or even to update what's been happening in my life (not that its mega exciting or anything) I really do love to write and it is something I would have pursued if it wasn't for photography.

Another little trip to boots! I only meant to pick up the deodorant but I was in need for a night moisturiser and wanted to give this one a go, I also may have stopped off at the make-up stands and bought some lip products, I cant help it I love lipstick too much to say no! But more on them later...

Good old snap chat! This is yet again a "selfie" a drunken one I will admit, it was my last night at my SU which I wasn't too happy about (as you can see) and also I was sad about my friends who missed it who had already left for home for the summer! But hey who cant get enough of snapchat right now? It's so addictive!

Cocktails!!! I love cocktails and it was 2 for 1 and my friends birthday, so of course we went! Earlier that evening we went for dinner too, as a goodbye and to celebrate my friends birthday, I wasn't planning on drinking much as I drank the night before but as you can see from the next picture I had a few...

This is a picture of me and my friend jasmine, after maybe one too many cocktails! pictures pictures pictures! is what we like when were out so why the hell not right?

Ok so there we have it my week in pictures! nothing too exciting happening, but well I don't live a movie life (as much as I would love too) I hope you enjoyed this it is as i said something slightly different to my usual posts! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the bank holiday Monday, and I'll see you all soon!
Love Kat x

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