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Hey ladies I thought I would do a little "How to follow me" post, GFC/Google reader will no longer be available from the 1st of July, I don't have too many followers for my little blog but most of my followers are through GFC and not Bloglovin' As far as I have read Google are trying to push their Google+ badge and other features. Personally I've tried Google+ and I couldn't get on with it I found it confusing and the whole circles thing didn't work for me. The reasoning behind them cancelling it doesn't make sense to me, judging by looking at other blogs GFC works amazingly.

Bloglovin' This is probably the best way and more obvious way to follow any blog other than GFC All the blogs you follow are in one place, sorted by date and I personally think it is perfectly organised and all your favourite blogs are in one place. Head on over to Bloglovin' and follow my blog all you have to do is add my URL or Littlemiss into the search bar and you can follow my blog.

Twitter I use this to update when I have posted a new Blog post. I also use this for chatting to other bloggers which I love doing its fab meeting new people. I do however use twitter to talk to my friends from uni and home so my tweets can be a little random at times.

Instagram Like my twitter my Instagram is pretty damn random, I honestly tend to upload photos of me and friends or random things, I'll be honest despite loving my followers/friends there not all super interested in my latest beauty buys, I've been trying to figure out a way of creating two accounts so I can have one dedicated to my blog, Wow I'm really terrible at selling myself but here's my name if you fancy taking a peek khainesx. So if you know anyway to do this then please let me know!

Tumblr I use to add my photography work too, I have been pretty slack in updating it but as I am off for summer now I have plenty of time to update this, so if your interested in photography please feel free to pop over and have a look.

So then ladies there all my social media networks you can follow me on, I would 100% recommend moving over to Bloglovin' to follow my blog as GFC will be going as of July 1st.
Love Kat x

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  1. I've been really confused about all this as I'm new to blogging so it's really helped!!
    I have followed you on bloglovin', please follow me back? I have just started so would love any tips you have.

    Chloe xx