My week in pictures

This isn't a post I planned on doing regularly but I have been a little snappy with my camera this week, and it was a slightly sentimental week as I officially left uni and came home for summer, as you will see below so I thought seeing as I had all these images on my phone I may as well do a post about them again

I know I'm a few days late with my 'my week in pictures' but I've been pretty busy the weekend and Monday, my boyfriend had the weekend off so he came home which was great and lucky for us they actually gave him Monday off too, I also had my nephew over Monday who I haven't seen since Easter which was amazing he's the cutest little man ever! Anyway so here is my week in pictures, again nothing super exciting.
Left to right
Beauty packing, Ok so whilst packing I encountered a few issues when it came to packing beauty products, I had a slight over flow of products, which isn't like me as I don't actually own the 'typical' amount of products the usual beauty guru does, but it was still a pretty tight fit, some had to go in separate bags.

Rainy journey home, but I made it through the rain packing and all! and despite my moaning about having to come home early I am happy to be home by the seaside with the beautiful sunshine (While it lasts) Not my typical shot but I attempted to take a photo of the welcome sign to my hometown!

The unpacking commences. Ahhh what a nightmare I had so much stuff to unpack this was only some of the stuff from uni I had to go back later in the week. I had such a problem fitting my clothes in my wardrobe I've had to put my winter clothes in the attic tucked away, and a very slow spring/summer clean is currently ongoing in my bedroom to make space!

Reunited! Both these images are of me and my beautiful cat Mia, its safe to say I miss her so much when I'm away, (I do have a couple of other cats too and I do love them) but she is predominantly mine, I took advantage of the cuddles to snap-chat my friends the images.

Summer delivery, As I'm back home for summer I had to cancel my gym membership for the three months I'm home, I have recently finished the 30 day shred and thought I would give another of Jillian Michaels DVDs a go, I also purchased The Great Gatsby. I've wanted this book for a while and since the film release I've wanted to read it even more so I got this to read while home too (not that I don't have enough to read) I still haven't seen the film yet, got to wait for the boyfriend to get time off!

Bubble bath & Wine, I couldn't wait to have a relaxing bath as soon as I got home! so I ran this little baby and poured myself a nice glass of wine I got for my birthday, and chilled for a while, it was perfect as I was home alone so no interference!

Thursday shopping, I have a wedding to go to soon and I wanted to buy a playsuit or dress perfect for summer and the wedding, I tend to send pictures to my boyfriend when I try things on to get his opinion I didn't actually buy this at the time but hopefully I will I love this little number, plus I was able to try on a size smaller which is fabulous!

Beauty habit, I just cant seem to go into Superdrug and just buy hair dye, nope I ended up doing shopping in their 3 for 2 make-up which was dangerous especially and I picked up 3 lip products which I certainly didn't need but I am super happy with them so i guess that makes up for it, I also picked up the little heart dish for my jewellery.

Friday saw me saying goodbye to Room 5 My uni room, I had to go back to university to collect the rest of my stuff as it wouldn't all fit in the car on the Tuesday,

Hand in keys, I then proceeded to photograph my keys... you know as you do ha. handing in my keys was a little sad too as I 100% couldn't go back to my flat, which I was happy and sad about at the same time!

My dad took me and my brother out for dinner, which was nice as he never really takes us out, I couldn't resist a burger it had been so long since I had something that filling!

Another one of my cat sleeping, I seem to have a problem when it comes to photographing cats, she just looked so damn cute sleeping so I snuck a photo of the little cutie!

Ah the vanity sunk in on Saturday, I had a little change in make-up as it was really nice out and I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive so I took the opportunity to snap a photo of myself which isn't really like me as I kind of hate photographs of myself.

Whilst in boots I couldn't help picking up a couple of bits. I finally picked up the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation I've been wanting for so long it had £2 off so naturally I couldn't say no!

Well there we have it my week in pictures nothing super exciting but I had a lovely weekend and I actually am glad to be home now.

Love Kat x

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