Sinful Colours Review

I had been waiting for these nail polishes to come over to the UK for so long now I heard so much about them on blogs and on YouTube I just had to get my hands on them, but I was reluctant to buy them online (despite the still cheap price) However I was so happy when I went into my local boots and found them in store!

The selection of colours are fantastic there are so many to choose from and such bright lovely colours perfect for summer! I picked up three colours just to try before going crazy and buying a load of them! I picked up the colours Pistache, a lovely mint green colour, Soul mate a somewhat muted but beautiful pink and Timbeberry which is vibrant pink/coral colour which really is amazing. I love both of these colours they're very summery so they look fabulous on when the weather is bright and warm.

As much as I love these polishes when they're on my nails the application for me was slightly more than problematic. I find that despite brushing some excess product off the brush I still seem to get a blob of polish on my nails, this is fairly easily fixed by just blending it over the rest of the nail, however I then find that a lot of the products runs down the wand part and also leaves me with another blob on my nails, and this time its not so blend-able because there is already a thick layer of polish on my nail.

Another problem I found with these polishes is that they take an absolute age to dry, no matter whether I can get the polish on in a thin layer they seem to take hours before they are completely dry, they're not something you can just flick on and be out the door in half an hour with. Which is a shame because I personally don't have time to sitting for hours for my nails to dry.

With all that being said, when the nails are dry and I've gotten past the application process, I do really love these polishes on my nails, the colours are very opaque and so bright on the nails they look fabulous! they don't chip too easily either so I wasn't touching them up throughout the following days too much.

So I would say personally if you can look past the tricky application and the drying time, which I can just about do then these polishes are great! they really do look stunning on the nails once dried! I really want Unicorn next, which is a pastel yellow colour which will look amazing with a tan!

Have you tried Sinful Colours Nail Polishes? What are your thoughts?
Love Kat x


  1. Love the colour of these nail polishes :)
    It's a shame that they take so long to dry though, that's really off putting for me as there's nothing more annoying.
    I like the look of the 'nicole by OPI' nail polishes in superdrug, there's so many colours to choose from but they are a little pricey.
    chanelle jade x

    1. The range of colours available are amazing! I'd still definitely try them just personally I find they take a while!
      Ahh I've seen those they look really nice! But your right they are a little too pricey!


  2. Gorgeous shades :) x