Summer Smoothie Recipe

Hello lovely ladies! I hope your enjoying the sun I most definitely am!

So My lovely mama dropped off my Smoothie maker today which she got me for my birthday last month, (I left it at hers as I didn't want to take it to uni) She also got me a lovely selection of fruit and Greek yoghurt to make them with which was really sweet and I could wait to make one and share it with you guys!

 Anyway I love smoothies all year through, but at summer time I personally find them a perfect replacement for breakfast or lunch or maybe just a healthy snack. They're a perfect way to get some of your five a day and some very important vitamins, they're also great for an energy boost. Today I made probably one of the best smoothies ever I really recommend it! hence the post on it.

1 Mango
9 Strawberries
1 Kiwi
2 teaspoons Greek yoghurt
Some Orange & Pineapple juice

I then just mixed them in my blender until smooth I also added ice to make it cooler (As it was so hot today) But you don't have to do that I just did as it made sense given the weather. The ingredients above are pretty much just a guideline I was just 'winging' it when I made it to be honest it just turned out so yummy! You can change any amounts of ingredients or add anything different to it whatever you like really, this made enough for two smoothies for me. I personally love this and can't wait to have the rest tomorrow! (never leave them for longer than a day to drink). I hope you liked this post it's something slightly different! and yummy!

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Will you be trying this one?

Love Kat x


  1. This looks delightful!
    I wish I had a smoothie maker now

    chanelle jade

  2. Looks so refreshing! Definitely gonna try xx

  3. I love kiwi,yet never think to use it. Defiantly going to try this xx

  4. This sounds really yummy, makes me want to make one. Might give it a try soon :-)

    Love, Christine♥