Garnier 24hr Hydrating Day Cream Review

Hello Girls! I hope your all doing well! I thought I should do a review on my moisturiser I am currently using. I bought this moisturiser a little while ago now and have been absolutely loving it!
I'm quite fussy when it comes to face products as I find my skin is hard to keep happy But I always find myself going back to Garnier!
I have a normal/Dehydrated skin type, which can get tight and dehydrated, particularly after cleansing. I don't find my skin to be oily or particularly dry either. As I don't get dry patches and the only time I feel oily is on my forehead when I have had my fringe down for a long time and as all us fringe wearing ladies know the natural oils from our hair can transfer onto our skin. 

I find on my skin I cant get away with wearing a heavy based moisturiser so I opt for a light formulation which is also nourishing, I tend to use Garnier skin products more than anything else as they suit my skin well, but I did want to try something else and couldn't find something I was completely happy with and I found it hard to find stuff on the high-street (as I cant afford premium brands)so typical old me went for a Garnier product I hadn't used before.

This product is from the Garnier skin naturals range, I picked up the Normal to combination skin (obviously) what I love about this product is that it is so light and yet it is very nourishing on the skin, the cream itself is very much more of a Gel formula which I think helps add to the freshness I feel on my skin. The cream is enriched with Grape water which is known for being extremely refreshing on the skin. And of course a nourishing moisturiser wouldn't be the same without some Vitamin E best known for it anti-oxidant properties.

 I use this moisturiser daily and absolutely love it, I'm nearly at the bottom of it at the moment and may re-purchase this when I get a little too low. If you have either normal/dry/dehydrated skin this moisturiser is perfect and it also works amazingly well as a base for foundation allowing a lovely dewy finish. 

What are your favourite moisturisers? Any tips for normal/Dehydrated skin?

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