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Hello Lovelies! I hope your all well and enjoying the sun!I thought I would do a post today on Laser hair removal, I've seen on many blogs people talking about it as an option for the summer, but I haven't seen anything on the blogs which I've seen by someone who's actually had it done.

I have been having Laser hair removal for just over a year now so I thought I would do a post about it and tell you a little bit about the process and the pros and cons of having this done. This post is going to be completely my own opinion on it, some peoples opinions on this may differ as everyone's experience is different.

How does it work?
Laser hair removal works by light being selectively absorbed by the melanin in your skin, the energy from the light heats the pigment and effectively destroys the hair follicle without damaging surrounding cells.

Ok so as a girl with fairish skin (I have light olive skin) and dark brown/black hair I always found underarm hair on women as unspeakable, personally I never liked it (I'm sure most women don't) but as I got a little older I got more conscious of it and actually stopped lifting up my arms even after shaving as the hair I had grew rather quickly and was dark, I never found a razors good enough at getting rid of the hair for longer periods of time or with a close enough cut. 
So after much deliberation and research I decided to go to my local clinic where they offered the treatment for a consultation and eventually went for it.

I thought I would list some facts/Information I was given and followed on the treatment: 

1- Laser hair removal works best on fair skin with dark hair (This is due to the melanin in the skin) despite this the treatment sometimes just doesnt work for some people due to hormones.
2- You cant sunbathe and expose the skin to UV rays after a period of time after/between treatments, this could cause severe sun burn and blistering.
3- After treatment no vigorous exercise/movement (4-5 days is recommended) e.g on bikini line don't walk a long way home after treatment! this can cause blistering.
4- It is not completely permanent, you will need top up sessions once you have completed the initial treatments.
5- You must wear sun screen on the treated area if it is exposed to the sun e.g I have to put sun screen on the crease of my underarms when I go out in a strappy top, failure to do this can cause serious sunburn or permanent pigmentation.
6- Hormone levels i.e periods can sometimes effect the pain element, if I'm due on sometime around my treatment I find the pain to be slightly higher.
7- Shower and bathe as usual but take cool showers opposed to hot baths (This is only for the first few initial days after treatment)
8- You are more susceptible to catching the sun in the treated area for up to 4 weeks after the treatment.

Ok so onto my own experiences personally I don't find this to be a "pain free" treatment, the only way I can describe it as is a shot of intense heat, it only lasts a split second and is then moved onto another area and is repeated until the whole area is completed. Depending on the area your having it done can get a tad painful (maybe I'm just a wimp) a lot of people say it is like a flick of an elastic band, which I can understand but after you get comfortable with that heat setting your next session may need the temperature to go up a bit more, this is because as the hair gets finer the heat needs to be more intense to be effective. Each area is more sensitive than others, a couple of ladies who do my treatments have all said they actually found the underarms to be the most painful of all the treatments.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants a long term hair removal treatment, and is prepared to have top up treatments, however I wouldn't go as far to say its the quickest as some people have said it is, (Hair isn't completely gone forever after 2 treatments) I have been having my treatment for a little over year now, and have had roughly 50% hair loss, the hair I have is a lot finer and more sparse than it used to be and also takes longer to come through, I cant wait for more progress. Each treatment is every 6 weeks this is recommend due to the circulation of hair growth and when the treatment is most effective, this does depend on you and your hair growth rate, I can now extend mine to 8 weeks because of how my treatment has gone so far.

Laser hair removal isn't very cheap, For my particular clinic I paid £190 for 7 treatments this is a discount they offered as a package and gave me 60% off, this included a £20 test patch as well, since I have had these 7 treatments I now pay £24.00 per treatment, that is including 60% off this is for my particular clinic so prices will vary.
 Despite the price I do highly recommend this treatment I am so happy will the result I have so far despite after over a year I only have 50% hair loss I'm so much more confident with the less hair. I am thinking of having my bikini line done in the winter so I will be able to sunbathe comfortably the following summer.

Well there we have it a long but hopefully informal post on my experience and knowledge of having laser hair removal, I hope this helps anyone who is interested in the treatment if you have any further questions please feel free to ask, leave comments down below or email me.
This is completely my own opinion on the treatment, the information I have been given are from the clinic I am having my treatment done at so opinions will vary.

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