Sunbathing Table Essentials

Hey dolls! I hope your enjoying your summer so far!
I thought I would do a post on what I keep next to me while I'm sunbathing! A couple of things I will admit I forgot to put in the image but I will include them anyway as for me I think they are important. 

Factor 50 - So I may have borrowed this from my nephew, As some of you may know I am having Laser treatment, For the first 4weeks after treatment your more sensitive to UV rays as I am having mine under my underarms I can just about get away with sunbathing as the area is fairly concealed, anyway the area needs to be protected by the sun so I use this Nivea Sun kids f50+ I always top up so I keep it with me while in the sun.

Malibu tanning oil factor 15 - for the rest of my body I use this Malibu dry oil spray, I love using tanning oil when in the sun it protects your skin but also gives a lovely tan, This year the sun seems to be a lot stronger so I may actually buy myself a f20, I normally only use spf15 as I have light olive skin and rarely burn, however as I said I feel the sun seems stronger this so a higher factor will probably be best.

Soap & Glory Facial Moisturiser SPF25 - I have been looking for a moisturiser with spf in for so long which doesn't make my skin greasy or break out, I know S&G have high reviews across the board so I thought I would give it a go, so far I really like it and doesn't feel sticky on my skin.

Carmex Cherry lip balm- This is one of the products I didn't photograph (typical) I usually keep this in the shade as I hate it when lip balm goes warm and slodgey. It is so important to protect your lips when your in the sun! I've seen sunburnt lips and it really isn't pretty! This lip balm is not my favourite! despite being really nourishing the artificial scent ruins it once on your lips.

Smoothie/Water - The water isn't present! it is currently in the house with ice in it ha! but water is very important for keeping you hydrated whilst sunbathing! I also have a smoothie, I love smoothies especially in the summer, this is perfect at the moment as I'm trying to eat healthy this little drink provided me with my lunch and I think it was around 4 of my five a day Perfect! you can see the recipe here

My book - I love reading! I get through books quite quickly, especially in the summer. This is the one I'm reading at the moment its The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, its a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. I prefer reading books while sunbathing but I do have other options to change it up a bit too.

Magazine - I also make sure I have a magazine with me, I absolutely love Women's Health I buy them fairly regularly, This is mays copy which I have actually been reading fairly slowly but still a good read in the sun, especially for tips n tricks. I wont always read this I may buy a fashion magazine but this is what I was reading at the time.

iPad - Again this is something I keep in the shade as I don't want it to over heat, I often catch up on blog reading during the day, and as Bloglovin in now available for iPhone and iPad I'm on it quite often. I also play the odd game if I fancy something a little different.

iPhone - And of course I have my iPhone just in case I need to get hold of someone or them get hold of me.  It's always with me (well 9 times out 10) so it was fate that it would end up on here!

They're my essentials for my table when I am sitting out in the sun, I hope you enjoyed the post ladies! and are enjoying the sun.

What do you keep with you while in the sun?

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  1. I definitely need to stock up on the sun cream, got burnt today :'( haha xxx