The Body Shop | Coconut Body Mist | Hemp Hand Cream Review

A little while a go now The body Shop had a 40% off offer online and in store, Being a student I couldn't afford to go all out and buy all the things I wanted so I picked up a couple of pieces I was in need of.
Coconut Body mist
I am a great lover of perfume and wear it on a daily basis, however all my perfumes are quite strong and I don't own a particularly floral scent perfect for summer. I couldn't afford to repurchase any perfume so I thought I'd go for a body mist, I haven't had one in a few years actually as I had a fond love of perfume. 

The Body Shop have such a lovely wide range of body mists with fruity,floral and fresh scents. I honestly found it hard to choose, Especially as I was ordering it online so I couldn't actually smell the products, I personally was choosing from Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla and Coconut. I am a huge vanilla fan I have so many vanilla candles and room sprays, however I wasn't sure how summery it would be as vanilla can be very warming and remind me of winter months. I decided to go for the Coconut as I knew it would be light and fresh perfect for summer while reminding me of holidays. And boy was I right! The smell of this body spray is divine! Its just as I thought it would be light and fresh, I get so many compliments the scent especially as people expect me to be wearing my usual perfumes. The bottle is quite heavy so maybe not always the sort of thing you want to be carrying around in your handbag if your out all day but that will probably depend on you. If you haven't tried these body mists before I urge you too they are honestly divine!

Hemp Hand Cream
I love hand cream as much as the next girl but it takes me ages to get through a tube as I probably don't apply it half as much as I should, So I wasn't too sure on whether to buy this product, but as it was I was in need of a new moisturiser and I'd heard many great things about this particular one, I thought what the heck I'll give it a go! This product primarily for people who have very dry skin which is probably why I don't get on with it too well, Having said that this cream is very nourishing and it has helped a hell of a lot with the skin around my nails which is often dry, but this has made that area so smooth I look like I have pretty lady hands now, (if only my nails would grow) the only downsides I find with this product is that it doesn't smell too pleasant, I'm not sure if that's me just being fussy and used to perfumed creams but its not something I particularly like about it. This cream also as I said before is for people with very dry hands. Other than the area around my nails my hands aren't particularly dry so I find this cream can leave my hands feeling sticky/greasy, I don't think this would be so much of a problem if you have very dry skin or maybe just aren't as fussy as I am. Overall I think this is a good product I just have to learn to use it in small amounts.

What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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