Car Boot Sale Goodies

The other week my mum took me to a car boot sale, I hadn't been to one since I was about 10 so I was pretty excited to go and see what I could find. I was mainly after a little trinket box to put small bits and pieces in. But as I expected there are lots of  little things you can find at boot sales lots of quirky things which are unloved and unwanted, Which is why I've been dying to go to one for so long! I thought I would show you what I picked up there nothing too much but I love them!
The first of my finds is this amazing Jane Austen book full of her shorter works, I'm so happy I found this as I love old classic Novels especially Jane Austen And Thomas Hardy. The cover of this is lovely its the type of book I love seeing on a book shelf as opposed to newer cover styles, I know that's a little odd but I like it. And it was only 20p Who could argue with that!
My mum picked this up for me knowing how much I loved the Twilight books and of course the film adaptation of this book, I think this was 20p as well so I was pretty happy with this too, I tend to prefer the books to the films as you can get a lot more detail about the characters etc.
I have been looking for a little dish to put odd pieces of jewellery in for a while, if I'm honest I could collect a million of these and never be completely happy, However I saw this and it was only 10p and I just had to have it, the colours are so beautiful and the pattern detailing is so nice and for 10p you cant go wrong.
And finally I found this little toy from the Thomas The Tank Engine set, my brother used to have these when he was younger and they're actually made of metal not the rubbish plastic they are now, Anyway my brother has given his Thomas set to his little boy who is crazy for Thomas so I picked this up for him to add to his collection. A little clean and it'll be a nice addition for him.

There we have it just a few little pieces I got from the car boot I cant wait to go again and see what else I can find, You do have to be careful with some things there as you don't know whether they work and what state they're in, personally I wouldn't buy clothes. But it is pretty easy to haggle down the price, the Stephanie Meyer book was meant to be 50p but my mum got it down to 20p, Its a great way to find little bits and pieces you may not necessarily find elsewhere. I highly recommend that you check out a Car Boot sale near you, you might find something you've been after for a while.


  1. Haven't been to a car boot in such a long time, you forget the gems you can pick up! I love all of the items, especially the Jane Austen book.

    // xx

    1. The Jane Austen book is my fave! You should go to one! I was amazed at what I found :)


  2. i love these photos! of course, I'd love to follow each other!
    I followed you, hope u can follow me back :)

  3. I love those old classic book covers too. I actually sometimes pay extra for them rather than buying the normal modern covers :)

    1. I do exactly the same! they're just so beautiful and look amazing on a bookcase!