Garnier Eye Roll On | Review

I've done it again I've managed to be absent from blogging for about a week, is it just me or does everyone else have manic things happen and they fall behind with their beloved blogs? I thought I would write a post on something I have been absolutely loving in-between my hectic life at the moment.

I picked this little beauty up a little while a go now as I wanted something for my under eye area which was light and didn't crease, particularly when I don't want to wear any make-up but need a little coverage under my eyes (we all have those days) late night, drinking, bad sleep etc etc. As some of you may know I absolutely love Garnier skincare I seem to always come back to them without fail, So I thought I would give this a try.

I wasn't too sure on which shade I should go for, I was going to pick up light but they didn't actually have it in stock, So I went with Fair, As it is this shade works perfectly with my under eye area, and covers perfectly. The applicator has a metal ball which you have to move around a fair bit on first use to get the product out but that's expected. What I love about this is that its actually really cooling as you apply it, I tend to be a little heavy handed when it comes to taking my make-up off and I can sometimes make the skin a little sore (I'm convinced I have diamond strength skin) so it's nice to have something cool and refreshing. The ball applies the products well under my eyes, After giving the product a little wiggle I then use my ring finger to pat the product into my skin, It blends seamlessly into the skin giving the appearance of a brighter under eye (surprise surprise) I'm someone who is prone to creasing in my under eye area so it's great that this is so light, If I don't use anything except moisturiser then It doesn't crease, however if I do use a foundation I do find that it does a little.
I think this makes a world of difference to my dark circles and makes me look so much more alive! I don't think I have ever refereed to a product as "Holy Grail" but I honestly do think this is my "Holy Grail" product, I take this with me in my handbag for those just in case moments, I just think its perfect for those days when you don't fancy wearing any make-up but you just need some coverage under your eyes. I also use this on any blemishes which need a little coverage but doesn't call for concealer.

Have any of you tried this? Are there any ones products you prefer?

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