Maybelline Colour Tattoo's | Review

Oh what did I ever do without these little pots of dreams! The maybelline Colour Tattoos have been around for a while now, so I'm sure you all know the ins and outs of these eye shadows, however I thought non the less I would share with you my thoughts on these little babies!

I wasn't too sure about using a cream eyeshadow as I tend to be prone to creasing on my eyelids. I read a few reviews on them being close dupes for the Mac paint pots, I haven't personally used them so I cant really comment on that. Anyway from what I read they lasted well and didn't crease so I thought why not give it a go eh? I first picked On and On Bronze as it was a neutral colour and I am all about neutrals it takes a lot for me to branch out. On and On Bronze is a gorgeous bronzey brown colour (stating the obvious there Kat) After falling in love with this particular colour I decided to be a little more brave and go for Pink Gold I'm not really a person for wearing pink on my eyes but it was just so pretty. It is as it says much like the other a pink/gold colour, I was a little sceptical on this as I was worried it wouldn't suit me at all as I have dark hazel eyes. But luckily enough I was wrong and it looks fab! 
The colour tattoo's claim to last 24hours personally I don't know anyone who would have make-up on for 24 hours but they really are incredible! As I said before I am prone to having my eye shadow crease but these last amazingly well! I'd say I wear mine for around 8 hours and I have minimal movement of them. I apply the colour tattoo's with the tip of my ring finger as I find it fits and glides onto my lid perfectly I then use my No7 blending brush to blend out the edges, this gives a really lovely soft smokey eye for daytime.
They do dry relatively quickly so if your wanting to create a smokey eye (which they are perfect for) then you need to get blending them out once applied and not leave it for a little while, once they're dry, they're dry! I swatched these on my hands for this post (more of an attempted I'm rubbish at photographing swatches) anyway I swatched them and washed my hands with lots of soap and they wouldn't budge, I can see them now as I type two pretty lines of colour. So my point being they are incredibly long lasting especially if you have a busy day ahead they're perfect.

 These can be used on there own which is what I usually do as I don't really want to layer too much on my eyes, the Pink Gold gives a pretty wash of colour, as does the On and On Bronze but this can be built up to give a more smokey look for day or night, This colour works really well as a base for a bronze smokey eye for nights out if you want to layer powder shadows on top, which is a personal favourite of mine for evenings out.

I think these eye shadow shades in particular would suit all eye colours and I'm really pleased that I went for these two, I wasn't overly impressed with the colour range as some of the shades are little unwearable for me personally, Having said that I do have my eye on Metallic Pomegranate for Autumn, Its a perfect Purple/brown colour which I think will look fantastic while also helping me look at different colours than neutrals. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo's are a must have staple in any girls make-up bag, I wear mine a lot especially for daytime. They're quick and easy to use If you are a beginner in make-up or just new to Cream eye shadows and would like to give something like these a go then I would say try these you can't really go wrong them and they are so pretty on the eyes and for £4.99 its a total bargain!

Have you tried any Colour Tattoo's? Which are your favourite?

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  1. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Eternal Gold' I think they are quite nice. Would be so good if they did a nude matte one for everyday wear.
    great post!
    chanelle jade xx