Maybelline Fit Me Powder | Review

Wow I just want to say how much of a roll I'm on today! I said in one of my posts earlier this week that my boyfriend has got leave and has come home for a couple of weeks, While I'm loving seeing him everyday we have taken today or at least part of it to do our own thing, he's gone to see some of his friends and while I could have done the same I decided to take some well needed time to write up some posts and by Golly I've done it And I'm on a roll! If you cant tell I'm rather impressed with myself! But before I ramble and get carried away I think I should get on with this post.

I've been meaning to write this post for what seems like forever! I bought this powder months a go and have fallen completely in love with it! As you probably know this powder is from the Fit Me range by Maybelline, they also include foundation and concealer which I haven't tried, but I have heard great things about the concealer. What I love about this range is that it caters for both pink and yellow undertones in the skin, I have a yellow undertone so when it comes to shopping the high-street I find it difficult to find something which isn't too pink toned for me, This is what drew me to this collection in the first place, on the counters there are indicators at which tone would best suit which skin tone which is always handy! 
Please Excuse the state of my powder compact it's not pretty and new any-more Boo!

Anyway so this powder comes in a compact with a mirror and a sponge on the underside of the powder which is very useful on the go, its also very sturdy so you don't have to worry about it floating around in your handbag. The powder itself is incredibly soft to touch and well from that it is soft on the skin as well. The idea behind the powder is that it's meant to "Merge seamlessly" Into your skin without it feeling like you don't have any on, After using a powder which was incredibly cakey and made my skin feel heavy this powder was a breath of fresh air, It is so incredibly light on the skin yet it mattifies my skin just enough to still let some of my natural oils/a glow come through, it works really well to set my foundation in place without really looking like I have any powder on which is fantastic especially if I have lightweight foundation on.

I use a Real Techniques Powder brush to apply this, just by swirling the brush in the pan until I feel I have enough product, the brush helps to give a light even dusting of powder over my face, if I feel I need more then I just repeat, As I said I don't particularly like to have a lot of powder on so this is perfect for me.
I do have normal/dehydrated skin so this does work well for me at keeping oil at bay as I don't tend to have that type skin, so I'm not 100% how well it would work on oily skin types. I've been using this for a fair few months now and I haven't even hit pan on it yet. For that reason I think this is such great value for money as it lasts such a long time. If your after a lovely lightweight powder which is affordable and will set your foundation, then look no further I really recommend that you try this.

Have you tried this powder?


  1. i haven't tried it yet but thank you so much for the review! you put so much detail into it :)

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    1. Your welcome! I'm glad you liked it! I really do love this powder its fab :)

      Kat xx