Philosophy Foot Duo | Review

Philosophy Footnotes* | Philosophy Soul Owner*

A little while ago I was contacted and asked whether I would like to review the Philosophy foot duo, I of course was over the moon as I've never tried any philosophy products and was dying to give them a go. Since it is now summer it was the perfect timing for beautifying my feet. who doesn't want beautiful feet for those pretty sandals we stock up on?

Footnotes is a exfoliating scrub which is pumice based it claims to "cleanse, exfoliate and smooth rough soles" and boy does it! I honestly don't know what I was doing before I used this. This scrub contains Eucalyptus and lavender oil which gives the most amazing fresh scent, this also aids with moisturising your feet whilst the exfoliating beads do their magic.

To use this product you take a small amount (and that's really all you need as it goes a long way!) and rub this into dry feet, the nice thing about this is that the exfoliating beads are quite fine so its not too uncomfortable on the feet, pay most attention to the heal area where dry skin is more of a problem, with the beads being quite fine you can use a pumice stone with the product to work into your feet which I think gives a better result this way personally.

Soul Owner Moisturiser helps to "Exfoliate dry flaky skin and callouses" Sounds just yummy right? aside from the words to describe what it does being a little out of tastes, this is such a lovely moisturiser I was so impressed with this! it's really thick and creamy just as a moisturiser should be particularly for the feet. This also contains eucalyptus which helps to moisturise and lock in moisture. With this product I probably went a little over board with the amount I needed to use. Does anyone else hate when you moisturise your feet and you cant actually walk till its all soaked in? I have this all the time, so I've taken to completely covering my feet in the lovely stuff and putting socks on to let it soak in properly.

I've been using the footnotes twice a week and Soul Owner most days for the last few weeks, and I really am very impressed, my feet have never looked better and I don't have to check my feet before putting on my sandals. The smells of these products really is divine perfect for summer as there so fresh and cooling. I recommend these to anyone, especially who is in need of an effective exfoliator and foot cream. I really want to try some more Philosophy products as I'm so impressed with these two, some reason research will be going down.

Have you tried any Philosophy products?


  1. I loved your review on these products, i've always heard great things about their stuff but have never personally tried them! maybe I will soon :) great post!

    Alice xx

    1. Ahh Thank you I'm glad you liked it! I loved these products, I want to try some more of their product range. I really recommend them :)