Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor | Review

I have been on the look out for a moisturiser with SPF which was light fresh and which didn't break me out for what I can only describe as a lifetime. I was hunting around boots a little while ago on this very quest with the idea to spend no more than around £8 ( I like to keep it savvy) When I came across the Soap & Glory facial skincare stand and spotted this little product I was at the time a little taken aback by the £12 price tag as I was trying to live on a budget, but as I'm sure many of you are I was so drawn into the pretty packaging and cute names of products. Anyway I gave it a little go on my hand and it felt light and non greasy, I was stood deliberating as to whether or not I should buy it with my boyfriend behind me swinging on the Boutique chairs telling me to just buy it. And I am so glad I did.

If you don't mind lets just take a moment to admire the cute packaging. I don't know about all you but when I pick a product I like to think of how cute it would look in my make-up bag, That's probably a little sad but I don't even care, I love girlie packaging for products I think if it can brighten up my bag it will brighten up my face and make me feel good. And Oh boy does it.
I first applied this before I went in the garden for some well needed sunbathing, the texture of the product is a light cream with what seems like a luminous glow to the cream (This doesn't appear on your skin) if that makes any kind of sense, to me it looks like a thick cream highlighter if you blob in on your hand. This product absorbs quickly into the skin so it doesn't leave that horrible greasy feeling on your skin which I find comes with a lot of SPF moisturisers.
The product does recommend putting onto a well cleansed face which I think is meant to help prevent breakouts, this after all does make perfect sense! I cleanse and exfoliate my skin regularly so I personally haven't had any breakouts which is absolutely fantastic as like I said this is a common problem with these types of moisturisers, I've read a few reviews by people saying they broke out after using this for a while, but I think as long as your cleansing the skin you wont have any problems. As I have been using this for sunbathing I found it protected my skin brilliantly and allowed my face to tan a little too, of course I topped up during the day as you must do with all sun protectors! I haven't used this under make-up as I'm not 100% convinced it would work very well so I cant really comment on that.

I do think this is a fantastic moisturiser if your looking for something which contains an SPF its lightweight moisturising, non greasy and hasn't broken me out! At £12 I personally do think it's a little bit pricey but for what it's done for me and the fact that a little does go a long way I think it is worth the money!
I am thoroughly impressed with this little baby and would highly recommend it to anyone!

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