Autumn Tag

Hello Ladies, Sorry it's been so quiet on my blog of late! I've moved back to uni and into my new house, where I didn't have internet and so many problems with it meant I couldn't blog (obviously, But good news the internet finally arrived and I can blog again yay!
I saw this tag on the lovely leigh's  blog and thought it was fabulous idea as I love the coming seasons! It all seems very magical to me as cheesy as that is, I cant help it.

Favourite thing about it?
Probably wrapping up warm, there's nothing better than getting all snug in fluffy blankets with the smell of candles filling the room.

Favourite drink?

Mmm not such a hard choice for me, Its got to be Cinnamon Latte from Costa it's amazing, I got it a few years ago around Christmas time and ever since then it reminds me of my boyfriend and Christmas!

Favourite Scent/Candle?
I'm sure this is an obvious one but I absolutely love a Cinnamon or a Mulled Wine candle, they smell just divine in the colder months.

Best Lipstick?
It's kind of hard to have a favourite I have a few... Mac Viva Glam 1 is a gorgeous vintage red colour, on par with Rimmels Kate Moss...... However I do often just wear a tinted lip balm in the colder months to protect my lips.

Go-to Moisturiser?
This is easy! I use the same moisturiser year through and year after year, Palmers Coco Butter it's so moisturising and smells amazing, I find it hard to stray away from using this.

Go-to colour on the eyes?
I tend to wear neutrals on my eyes, it's safe and yet looks lovely, I am aiming on using more purples for nights out, push the boundaries and all ha.

Favourite band/singer?
This is kind of tricky as I listen to a lot of different music and I have a lot of favourites too, but if there's some artist who I can listen to over and over it would probably have to be Drake.

Favourite outfit to wear?
You know I'm really not sure on this, but honestly it would probably be a really comfy jumper and boots, I love boots with every inch of my life so they're a must.

Autumn Treat?
I'm not sure whether it's really an autumn treat but I love mulled wine its just too yummy and super simple to make.

Favourite place to be?
As cheesy as it is, my favourite place to be is my bed, it always has been. there's nothing better than being snuggled up in bed watching a film maybe with a few snacks or drinks.

This tag has come so late to my blog I do apologise it was meant to be up a couple of weeks ago but its up and I'm happy to be blogging again!

Lotsa Love x

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