Autumn Wishlist 2013

I recently posted my Autumn beauty wishlist, and I thought hey why don't I do a fashion one too, I mean why the hell not right? This season is full of fabulous colours and patterns my favourite is Tartan as you can probably see, I'm so glad this has come into fashion this year I certainly will be purchasing a few tartan items! I know this wishlist doesn't create an outfit but they're are so many various things I want I thought I would show you a range of things I've been eyeing up.

Tartan Shorts
These are from Asda and are only £12 I mean what a complete bargain! with a pair of tights and nice basic shirt will be fantastic!

Checked Shirt
This little baby is also from Asda and is £14, I love checked shirts my last one unfortunately shrank and is a little old anyway so I was in the market for a new one! I love this and again its a fab bargain! I could see myself wearing black jeans and little booties with this! perfect for Uni!

New York Beanie
 Oh how I love this! I tried this on when I was in River Island and actually fell in love with it. I think it will look nice and give a slight edge to an outfit and make a statement piece! perfect for cold mornings walking to uni.

Black Boots
I haven't bought a 'Decent' pair of boots before, ever. And this year I think its time I did I'm fed up with buying £20 boots which only last a couple of months because of the amount I wear them. Last year I bought two pairs of heeled boots and that's all I wore, it's safe to say my ankles hated me! so some flat ones to add balance for my poor feet will serve me well! however I would like to forwardly apologise now to bank balance.

Red/Black Jacket
This I saw in River Island and I just fell in love with it! I just have to have it, the colours are perfectly on trend for this season and it will jazz up a basic outfit for nights out which will be perfect!

Black Fedora
I saw this in River Island too while trying on the New York one my boyfriend and I were pleasantly surprised to see it actually quite suite me, with the fringe and all it just works! my friends may hate me for buying one and I may not get a whole lot of wear out of it as to me its something a little daring and I hate to draw any kind of attention to myself so whether it will be a worthwhile investment I don't know as personally I think its a little steep but I just love it!

Nike Air ones
Ok so last year I missed out on the Nike Blazers craze because I couldn't afford them, This year its these shoes which are a craze, my boyfriend has a pair which I am extreemly jealous of (especially as he had blazers too!) I have to have these in my life! they will be perfect for a lazy day at uni and a comfy walk they're too. However with a hefty £94 price tag I'm not sure whether it would be wiser for me to go for some Blazers this year.... So many decisions, what are you ideas on it? Should I get Nike Air Ones or Blazers? HELP!

What are your favourite pieces for Autumn?