The Hunt For A Perfect Sports Bra

Hello ladies. Posts have been a little sparse on my blog due to my boyfriend being home, but he has now gone back to work after a fabulous two weeks off spent together, It was nice to see him for a decent amount of time for a change but its time while he's away to get back on the blogging wagon! I thought I would blog about something today which I have been struggling with lately.

When I was younger I was very fit I used to compete in athletics and train around 8hours a week, I have however never been particularly flat chested (It has gotten worse with age and laziness) while I had a relatively supportive sports ware I never really thought about the support I really needed for future happiness with my body, so this is where I struggle now.
I am a person who enjoys going to the gym but has a rather strong sweet tooth, this perhaps has lead to my slightly less than tight body shape which I forever strive to getting back to my 16year old shape, where I was happy with myself, so my point? I am a petite girl at 5ft2 who has naturally larger boobs and has a slight bit of chub I wish to banish!

I have for what seems forever searching for a sports bra which fits comfortably, doesn't squish my boobs together giving me a 'bum chest' and which actually succeeds in giving me the support I need while I train.
I've tried a few different brands and varying styles, but it seems that no one caters for bigger breasted girls. at least no one who doesn't expect you to pay £30+ over the internet which you don't even know will fit when it arrives! and not everyone has that kind of money for one, especially if your needing more than one so you can wear them a few times in the gym and not have to wash just the one you have, (I think that makes sense)

I think its so terrible that its become harder to find sportswear which is catered to people who aren't maybe a size 6 or 8, just because your a bigger girl doesn't mean you don't work out. Like I've said I'm only 5ft2 but I have broad shoulders (wider than hips) and a small(ish) waist apparently my body shape is "Inverted triangle" (who knows) but my point is, is that I carry more size on my top half like my boobs, shoulders and arms naturally its just my build and having been athletic its what I had, so why exactly is it I cant find a sports bra for me? If in fact I was to find a sports bra which is catered for me more specifically why should I pay so much more for it? particularly as they seem to so damn ugly! I mean have you seen them? they're just horrible and really unflattering! I'm not saying it's important to look fabulous at the gym but I want to feel confident and happy besides I'm going to be sweating my tits off in they're that's unattractive enough as it is. So why is it that big brands only think smaller framed people work out? I for sure have no idea! if anyone has any idea's on that let me know, I'd be interested to see they're reasoning.

I'm going back to uni soon which means I am back at the gym again so I am on a mission to find a sports bra for that, no more painful boobies or oggling men! I am on a mission this month! If any of you know of any good sports bra's or even brands please please recommend them to me... I'm desperate!
Sorry for the rant. sometimes its needed.

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  1. To be honest it sounds like me and you have a lot in common when it comes to our figures, I am also 5'2" and busty which can be a pian when I excercise. To be honest I was unwilling to pay an extortionate price for one, like the shock absorber etc and before I went to uni I got a cheap one from Primark (I think it went up to a DD or E cup) to make do for the time and to be honest I've stuck with it for over a year :)