Rimmel Wake me up Foundation | Review

I have most certainly lost my blogging mojo since being back at uni, things are a little busy as its my second year and I've been enjoying going out so there hasn't always been a lot of spare time, Posts may be a tad sparse but I will try my best to get posts up for y'all. I thought I would write a review about a product which has been a little lifesaver for the past three weeks.

I picked this foundation up a little while a go now after seeing so many reviews saying this being one of the best high street foundations and commonly a firm favourite. I guess I just couldn't resist while browsing around boots picking it up and giving it a try. The foundation claims to have a anti-fatigue and a radiant glow effect, which I actually can't fault. I picked up the shade 100 Ivory which is pretty much a perfect match to my skin tone which is fab, particularly as the shade I picked up has a yellow undertone which is great as its so hard to find high street foundations which do, I'm not sure if the other shades are more pink or yellow its something you would have to try out for yourself to find the perfect match but the shades are so varied there's got to be a colour for so many girls. the formulation of this foundation is very much like the Bourgois Healthy mix serum, its a mix between a gel and a cream which I actually really like I think it make application easier and when it comes out of the pump it doesn't run all over your hands which is a massive pain! I've been using this foundation daily as I'm back at uni I seem to have late nights and early mornings so my skin has taken a bit of a dive when it comes to being 'radiant' this is where this has come in handy, this foundation really illuminates my skin making me look so much more awake, the finish is quite dewy/glowy so it really does add life back into my skin, I do find with this that I do need to leave it to sink into my skin before powdering which is a little strange as my skin tends to be quite dry but once its lightly powdered I have no problems. It lasts really well throughout the day and I don't have to touch up which is always a bonus as I hate having to re do make-up. I usually apply this with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush just as I think it works into skin so well with the formula, I think this foundation is light to medium coverage for me that's perfect as I dont like anything to be too heavy on my skin, it does contain an SPF of 17 so it isn't really best for nights out but then again its hard to find an affordable foundation which doesn't have SPF these days. 

At £8.99 I cant fault this foundation its so affordable and yet works just as it says on the bottle, which can certainly be hard to find.

Love Kat x


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    1. Thank you thats so sweet!
      Love your blog too!

  2. I really want to try this foundation, it seems to be a firm blogger favorite! Great review lovely x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

    1. Its such a good foundation I really recommend it! Followed your blog! i love it :) xx