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Hello Girls, Some of you know that I'm studying Photography at uni, I've been crazy busy so far this year and had not much time for blogging, But this post is somewhat related to both and I wanted to share a little gem I've recently found with you.

So for part of my unit this year we have to put on an exhibition (which is tomorrow ekk) My group exhibition is called 'What we leave behind' and we had to interpret this in anyway we wanted. I decided to look down the route of personal images which are uploaded to social media and how we never get around to printing them and could potentially lose them, 
I've wanted to print my Instagram images for so long now, It just seems like such a waste to upload countless amounts of beautiful images/memories and never having a hard copy of them to look back at, So this is where my hunt for a website which aloud me to print my Instagram images in the style of a polaroid.

After browsing Google for a little while I stumbled upon a website called which aloud me to do just this! they offer a whole range of different printing jobs such as Stickers, Flyers, Cards, leaflets, Calendars etc. Printed offer high quality prints at affordable prices. 
18 images  = £8.00
27 images = £10.00
37 images = £12.00
On top of these prices is VAT which isn't a lot, with free first class delivery! All you have to do is sign into your Instagram and select the images you want, I chose to go for 37 prints as it suited my work perfectly and seemed like such a good offer. I'll be honest I was a little naive and expected them to arrive in 2 days which was a little silly, I ordered my prints on Monday, they were printed by Thursday and dispatched on Friday, and arrived through my door on Saturday morning. I did expect it to be a lot sooner but I'm still very impressed as I said I didn't think about the printing time. 

They arrived in a cardboard package which wouldn't allow them to be bent, inside was a little silver package with all my beautifully printed images. I'm so pleased with the outcome of the prints, I will definitely be using to print more Instagram images, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in creating the same style prints.

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