The Body Shop Colour Crush Video

I'm super excited I've been wanting to write this post for so long now! It's still taken ages for me to do this but I've been so busy with uni the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. A while a go I entered a competition on Twitter to take part in the Colour Crush video for The Body Shop, I absolutely love Body Shop products, there fresh, natural and I honestly never seem to be disappointed. Anyway I entered a competition in reply to a tweet asking to send in a picture and mention what eye colour you have. I was selected as the 'model' for hazel eyes, I was so excited as I tend to enter competitions and never seem to win...

The idea behind the video is to help people identify the colours which best suit their eye colour, Featuring the new Colour Crush range. Which is amazing and is so pigmented I might just add. Often choosing the right colour for your eyes is difficult but The Body Shop have done a fab job in putting together this video to help you find the right colour to suit you.
I was lucky enough to actually live in the town where they were filming in store so one morning i popped down into town full of nerves as I hadn't done anything like this before and was greeted by Katrina from marketing and Helen and Hannah from store who were so lovely and friendly they kept my nerves down!
When I got there I met three other girls who were also selected to model for Green, Brown and Blue eyes and of course I was there with Hazel eyes. We each had our make-up done in store which was fantastic I love having my make-up done as it's so relaxing and no girl can resist a bit of pampering. We each were given two different looks which show a contrasting shades and a complimentary shades of colour to our eyes. The video is simple and easy to follow and gives lots of information on how to choose the right colour to best suit you.

To say thank you for taking part in the video the lovely Katrina put together a goody bag for us each with products especially picked for each of us girls which was a really nice touch! And I will be reviewing the products soon when I can get around to it. I had such a fab time being part of this video and I really did learn a lot about what shades I should be using to enhance my eye colour, the shadows themselves are lovely and I love using them as they're so pigmented you don't need to use a lot to create a wash of colour.
I'm so grateful for having the opportunity to take part in a Body Shop video I love the products so it was amazing to have my make-up done and be apart of something which will hopefully be so helpful to people, The video is down below to learn tips and tricks when it comes to eye shadow (never a bad thing). 

I will uploading reviews of the products I was lucky enough to receive as I certainly have enjoyed using them in the past few months and I most certainly have found some new favourites!

What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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