Mac Viva Glam I Lipstick | Review

Happy new year chikas! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I can't believe its all come around so quickly! I'm looking forward to the year to come! I'm feeling happy and excited so fingers crossed for 2014!
As you may have noticed I have taken some time out from blogging as I seemed to have fell out of love for it for a while, but seeing as its a new year I want to get back into it and enjoy it again. I've bought so many products over the last few months I have a stack waiting to be blogged about so hopefully I can get cracking on those and get back into blogging regularly.

A little while ago I was able to save myself some money and have a little browse around Mac and I picked up some gorgeous products which I will be reviewing individually soon, but first up is probably one of my most favourite lipsticks ever! I'd been after a vintage looking red for a while a nice deep red which is easily wearable I originally didn't want to spend too much on it but when my eyes settled on the Viva Glam 1 I just had to have it!
This unbelievably is my first Mac lipstick which is pretty poor! I cant believe its taken me so long to get on the band wagon, but I'm growing my collection slowly. One of the things I love about this lipstick is the scent... anyone else noticed they smell beautiful... like vanilla? It's fantastic, personally I think that's a pretty big selling point, I know a lot of people aren't fond of scented products but for me I like it. The finish of the Viva Glam range is a matte finish which is really nice on, however I do get quite dry lips especially this time of year, so before I do my make up I use my trusty Lush mint julips and put some lip balm on to prep which really helps the lipstick to settle on the lips much better without any horrible dry patches which is a major downside of matte lipsticks for me.
As the colour is very opaque you need a lip liner to save any of the colour transferring all around the lips, we've all done it ended up with lipstick on your cheek... how I don't know but that's definitely happened to me on a night out! The colour of this is absolutely stunning it's a deep red very vintage which is what I have been looking for to add to my collection, this looks perfect with a simple winged liner and basic make up for a more vintage style. Being a matte lipstick the lasting power is amazing and I rarely have to top it up which is great when your out and about, it can be such a pain to have to too up and I'm not a huge fan of doing it publicly.

This has become a firm favourite of mine I love it and I think it would suit a lot of skin tones.

What's your favourite mac lipstick? 

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