February Favourites

This month has pretty much consisted of me using all new products with the exception of one as I had a bit of a spend after Christmas, all on things needed and maybe a little wanted, but a girl can treat herself now and again right? I have to say this month I really have fallen in love with these products and they are firm staples for me at the moment and I cant see them being changed up any time soon.

Benefit Watts up Highlighter
I received this for Christmas after having it on my wishlist for months! This is the perfect champaign highlighter I've been using this on the top of my cheeks, down my nose, my brow bone and of course on my cupids bow, it works beautifully to highlight the face.

Mac Strobe Cream
This is something I've had for a little while now and always forget how much I love it until I use it again, I tried it with my foundation on valentines day and fell in love all over again so its become something I've used for nights out and the occasional day when I need a bit more of a glow to my face.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 
I've used this almost daily since I received it for Christmas, you can see my full review of it here. I absolutely love this foundation, its the perfect medium/buildable coverage perfect for day time and even better for nights out especially when cameras are flashing all around you. Review soon so watch this space!

The Body Shop Serum in-oil 
This was kind of bought off a whim I usually research the hell out of products before purchasing them but I saw both Sammi and Estee Talking about how much they loved it and I just had to have it, I was after something to use on my face at night anyway so it wasn't completely an impulse buy, I use this every night and it sinks so beautifully into the skin leaving my skin feeling nourished and soft.

Mac All Fired up
I'd been umming and ahhing about buying this for a while after seeing  BeautyCrush wearing it in lots of her videos. I was having a bit of a down day and thought what the hell why not! Now I don't usually wear pinks on my lips but I couldn't resist and I've been loving it since I opened it at the start of the month (Full review soon)

Mac Eye brow pencil in Brunette 
I'd been using the Maybelline masterpiece eye brow pencil for a few months before deciding to get this however I found I was having to replace the maybelline one every few weeks as it wore down so quickly, I knew I wanted something different and this was already on my wishlist so I ordered it with my lipstick and have loved using it since, its the best eye brow pencil I've ever used it matches my skin and hair colour quite well despite being slightly too warm it still looks great and I have a fringe so its not so noticeable anyway, I do find the pencil can occasionally snap so you do have to be careful with it especially as it isn't exactly cheap but lovely non the less.

Eco Tools Blush Brush
I tend to only use Real Techniques brushes so in an attempt to branch out (affordably) I ordered myself this blush brush from EcoTools, I have a distinct lack of blush brushes so this was needed, its perfect for applying blush to the apples of my cheeks and blends extremely well with its soft bristles. I highly recommend this bargain brush!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Romantic
Since Revlon's latest Colourburst lip crayon release I realised I hadn't used my originals lip crayons in a while (which seem to be disappearing off display) *Sad face* So this month I took that opportunity for the days when I wanted a splash of colour on my lips but nothing too bold! I wore this on valentines and it was perfect, they're so moisturising and the colours are fabulous! I hope they keep these crayons going along side their new releases.

J'adore Dior Perfume
I was lucky enough to get this perfume for valentines day from a certain man in my life. And I absolutely love it! It smells divine like a mix of fruity and floral scents, It's feminine and sophisticated which I love in perfume. I wear this mostly in the evenings, As its definitely something I'll wear sparingly as I'd hate to run out too soon! I'm considering doing a full review on this so let me know if you'd like to see that.

That's what I've been loving this month, I've enjoyed using a lot of new products instead of my usual it's great to experiment with products If only money would allow me to do it more often! What have you been enjoying this month?

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