Hey Ladies! It's been a while again! The last few weeks have been manic at uni but all my deadlines are done for now so I can hopefully focus a little more on my blogging as I know it's been pretty damn slow on my part (slaps wrist) My blog recently hit 50 followers on Bloglovin and GFC so I'm hoping to be doing a Giveaway soon for all you lovely ladies who take the time to read my blog. (more info soon)

To get back into the swing of things I thought I would do a little wishlist for you, something simple easy to read as I'm sure many of you are enjoying the sunshine at the moment. This wishlist is pretty much what I intend to hopefully purchase this year! being a student my poor little money bank doesn't stretch far despite me trying my hardest naughty Kat! But anyway before I get carried away here's my wishlist Enjoy!
Triangl Bikini - Oh my lord! who doesn't want one of these? there absolutely gorgeous I've had my eyes on them for a few months now, on their website you can chat with someone about sizes and styles etc... which I did so I know my sizing and which would best suit my body shape, I'm after this one above in Coral as I think its gorgeous and would look stunning with a tan...Just got to get that bikini body back!

Dior Creme de Rose - This is something which I would only buy when I have a bit of a spend as its pretty pricey for a lip balm but look at that pretty packaging! I've read so many great reviews its something I want for my handbag through summer as I love just wearing a lip balm through the warmer months during the day and I think this would be perfect!

Gingham Shirt and Jeans - Now Gingham is something which is certainly going around lately, I love the pattern of both the shirt and jeans, but separating with my money on both may be slightly trickier than I originally thought, The shirt is very Daisy Duke which I love and would look perfect with some Levi's in the summer, the jeans would be a great statement piece with a simple tee. I guess we'll see where the pennies lie!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - This is such a beautiful product isn't it? I have to have it! I've watched so many tutorials and read so so many reviews on this product I simply have to add it to my collection, I love a dewy look to my skin so I think this would work beautifully with my Nars Sheer Glow foundation a combo to die for I imagine!

Nars Multiple Laguna - I wanted this last summer when I saw so many bloggers using the Nars Laguna bronzer in powder form, when I did a little research into products I found that if I was to spend a few more pennies I would get a lot more product from this than if I was to get a powder, As it is I much prefer using creamy formulas than powders I find it blends easier into my skin which is typically dehydrated and cream products in the summer add that little glow I always love.

White Converse - I've always been more a Vans / Nike girl when it comes to shoes but I've come to the realization over the past few months I need some white converses in my wardrobe as I have some pieces which would look great with them I just never thought I'd need them when I have my Vans, however my mind is now changed, I really want a pair of converses to throw on with either some shorts or a cute dress in the summer months!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Yes that's right I'm probably the only beauty blogger left which doesn't own the most talked about palette in beauty, I have the Basics and the Theodora palettes which I completely love to pieces however my heart isnt yet satisfied without this in my collection it is something I've wanted for so long but have never really gotten around to actually pressing the 'Place order' button. But this year I will. It will be mine.

Tattoo - Something I didn't include in my image above. I finally want to get my first tattoo this year, it's taken me so long to get to grips with he idea of actually doing it, I've always wanted one but have been too scared of the pain, however I've found the artist I would like to do it and think I'm just being a baby if I really want it and love it the pain will be nothing (here's hoping) but yes It's my 21st in May so it's something I'm getting as a present at some point after, and I'm so excited I hope its the start of something beautiful!

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