KeraCare Defining custard Review

For any of you curly haired gals out there you will know the pain in the backside it is to find a product which will completely 100% smooth and tame your frizz (if your lucky enough to not have frizz or know some sort of wonder product I envy you!) I am one of you fellow curly/Wavy haired girls my hair tends to be curlyish one day and then wavy the next time I attempt the au natural look. After spending the majority of my teens straightening my hair and pretty much damaging the curls I used to have as a young-en I am now in my early 20's and wanting to embrace the natural look I have particularly as it's now summer.

Anyway I have spent a long time trying to find products that will enhance my curls/waves, define them, smooth them make them less frizzy but still keep my volume I naturally have without weighing my long ass hair down. I have come to the conclusion that there isn't particularly anything affordable which can do this, however this product in particular has come as close as I can get to the definition and frizz free style I crave so much.

I could be wrong but I always thought and still kind of do think that KeraCare is more for people who have very curly hair. However I wanted something to define and enhance my hair and  had heard some great thing about the brand so thought I would give their Defining Custard ago with the hope that the slightly higher price tag would mean it would work better than high street brands I had previously tried.

On the back of the tub are instructions on how to use, now I'm not one for following instructions and I don't really like to brush through my hair when wet as I feel it just encourages my hair to dry straighter than it should. So once I have washed and towel dried my hair I take a small amount of product as I find my hair doesn't really need too much product in it and I do like my hair to feel more weightless than weighed down (who does eh?) anyway so I take some on the tips of a couple of fingers rub it through my hands and use an almost scrunching but smoothing motion to apply it throughout the lengths of my hair I don't like to apply this to my root as I don't want it to look greasy after being washed. I then allow my hair to dry naturally without me playing with it too much. Which takes hours by the way for it to be fully dry ( which is partly why I don't do it half as often as I'd like) anyway so once its dried a little I'll assess the situation and maybe apply some more of the product for good measure.

I do quite like my hair to be messy and big I think its just a more flattering look for me personally. I find the KeraCare Defining Custard just smooths and defines my hair more than any other product I have used before. In terms of frizz it maybe isn't too great and I am still to find something that will do that for me, but this defines my waves so they stand out alone rather than looking like a large blog of brown hair. The consistency is smooth and I'd say a medium thickness its almost like a gel formulation but without being sticky in the hair at all which I have found with so many other curly hair products, I think this makes is light in the hair which doesn't weigh it down. This smells absolutely divine its fresh and smells like summer which is always a lovely scent to have in your hair particularly if your a hair flicker like me.

Overall I am really happy with this product it may not have given me the full effect I wanted but I don't think it is quite possible for me to achieve that, as a brand I really like it from just using this one product. I have my eye on a few more products such as the KeraCare Essential Oils.

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