MAC Haul

I may have been a little naughty recently... I wondered to my nearest Mac counter for a sharpener and came away with a few more items than I maybe should have... But it was soo worth it! I love every item I bought! Please do excuse the state of the photographs I did them rather quickly as I wanted to use them then as I was going out that evening, and as for images of the products well... I left my make up bag at my boyfriends and kinda wanted to get this done so thought it wouldn't hurt without it right...?

Liner Sharpener - Probably the least exciting of the bunch but I picked up a sharpener for my pro long wear lip liner. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed or if it's just me being uber silly but I couldn't for the life of me get any of my cosmetic sharpeners to sharpen it so I resorted to buying a mac one which is okay but is it really necessary. Anyway it sharpens my lip liner perfectly so if anyone has had this issue I believe I may have solved it for ya!

Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation - Now this is something I had been wanting for ages as I had heard only good things about it, so I thought to myself well why not get matched up what's the harm?... Anyway the lady in the shop convinced me that it had to be brought and to be honest I'm so glad I did I really do love it!

Pro Colour 4x Compact - Kind of self explanatory. I wanted to start my own mac quad as previous to this haul I only owned one mac eye shadow (Shock horror I know!) anyway I thought it was best to buy a quad as it meant the shadows were slightly cheaper and I could make a custom palette of my own, I mean who doesn't want that?

2x Eye Shadows in Orb And Haux - I wasn't really sure which eye shadows I wanted to asked for some help in choosing some which would suit my eye colour and would be wearable most days as well as in the evening too. In the end I was sold on Orb and Haux both I had heard wonderful things about so I was more than happy to walk away with them and I'm so glad I have they've been my 'go to' since I brought them!

Anyway I had better leave it there for now. I don't regret any of the products I bought I'm so pleased with all of them. When you come away and your happy with all your purchases you know it wasn't a waste of money in anyway, no matter what horrid bank balance is left ha. I hope your all enjoying the sun we're currently having and I'll speak to ya'll soon!

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