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There's nothing I love more than getting stuck into a good book. I'm a bit nerdy when it comes to this kind of thing.. If I find a book which I really like I often lock myself in my room and read away and couple of days later I'm finished. I have to admit it does take something special to do that for me but there's a couple in this post which certainly did it for me. I do find my prime time for reading and getting through books tends to be summer, It's probably all the sunbathing, sometimes its just not quite good enough to just have your headphones so a book is always something I have handy and on the go.

I thought I would give you an idea of the kind of books I've enjoyed previously and what I would call an Easy summer read.which really is something you need particularly if your on holiday. (To all of those going on holiday I envy you!) If they aren't your sort of books then that's cool this is just what I like and enjoy reading, they are a little mixed something for everyone (I think). I tend to read an array of different style books but my favourites do tend to be of the fantasy fiction style genre. without waffling too much I should get on with it.

First up...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. Anyone who has read my 60 Facts about me or just know me personally will know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so of course this is top of the pile. This book is meant to represent all the Harry Potter books as I think they're so easy to read for all ages and despite having watched all the films a million times over you get so much more from the book and I find I pay more attention to the little things the more times I read a book. So if you haven't ventured into the book world of Harry Potter I suggest you do so!

Gone Girl. As you can see my bookmark is hanging out of this book, this is my current read. I've been reading it for about a week and I have to say I really am enjoying it, thrillers aren't something I usually read but am wanting to read some more of. I find the way its written is clever flicking through two sides of the story giving both the main characters point of view through two different times (although the book does catch up with itself). Which might sound a little confusing but it really isn't I find it insightful, and you feel for the characters and seeing the relationship through both eyes is always so much more refreshing than having the usual one sided whiny  romantic part from a female. I really do recommended this book and its still in the top 50 Best Sellers 18 months after its release. Amazing.

The Hobbit. I mentioned above my love for fantasy/science fiction novels, well this is top of the pile. This is possibly one of the best well written books I have ever read. The story is so engaging with you as the reader and you really get a feel for the characters within the book. I really couldn't put this book down and actually wouldn't mind reading it again, but for now my pile of books to read is too long. Again with this book much like the Harry Potter books I find you get a lot more of the story and why things happen and the descriptions of things than you do perhaps in films (the films are fantastic but books tend to give more) Definitely add this to your list of books if you haven't read it already.

Beautiful Disaster. This is one of those books where if focus' on a girl who falls for a guy who's bad and troubled but they're drawn to each other... and that style does seem to get a tad repetitive and have the whole "oh just get on with it" vibe going on. But... I promise you this is the penultimate of all them books, I read this book in about 4 days I couldn't put it down it was just such a great read. The main character hasn't got that annoying whiny naive streak to her, yeah she's girlie and has her moments but she isn't irritating, but also you have the other characters which you kind of fall in love with and hope the best for in the end of the book too. when i finished this book I was really happy I'd gotten what I wanted from the book It didn't need a second or a third follow up it was complete as it was and I honestly felt I'd completed a really fab book I would re read over and over again. Now this isn't just me who thought this, I know this because I read a lot about it and other readers loved it so much that the author actually wrote a kind of sister book telling the story from the guys point of view called Walking Disaster (which I immediately got and it waiting to be read on my shelf) I think its a great idea to do that with a book and give another perspective. the only reason mine hasn't been read yet is I want to leave it so its like a fresh story. This book is for all ages don't be put off by the age of the characters!

Far From the Madding Crowd. Again this book is to represent all classic novels I absolutely love reading them. Of course they have that air of nativity in the female characters but I'm quite forgiving in that area when it comes to the classics. I love the old English used and although to begin its kind of hard to understand what's going on you do get an eye for it and it all makes beautiful sense, they're nice and refreshing to read from your usual modern day language and have the classic air about them which I often crave. Far from the Madding Crowd is one of my favourites along with Tess of the D'Urbivilles which had me in tears at the end, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. They aren't necessarily quick reads but if you do want to get lost in a book and try something different I really recommended trying them, if you want to start easy I'd suggest Pride and Prejudice as its probably one of the more widely known stories.

Okay so there some of my top reads for the summer, or for whenever you fancy really. I thought it would be nice to add a little change to my usual posts. I hope this was useful and maybe you found something new to read.

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