Mac Russian Red Lipstick | Review

mac russian red lipstick review
"mac russian red lipstick review"
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Considering my love for this lipstick I cant believe it has taken me this long to write a post about it. I've been after the perfect red lipstick and I believe I may have found it. Despite still lusting over others and knowing full well I will be out to purchase them when I can. I honestly can't doubt my love for this one. I mean how many reds is too many?

I finally couldn't wait much longer and decided to pop into Mac and purchase it. Mac describe this as a blue toned red which I think is completely accurate the blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter which is never a bad thing lets face it. I find this suits my complexion really well which is probably why I love it so much. My friends have also borrowed it and it suits them all well. Obviously they all have varying skin tones so I do think this will suit most skin tones. It is matte which I love, however I do tend to get dry lips so I sometimes place a little lip balm over the top which doesn't really alter the finish at all it just gives a little more moisture where it's needed.

I personally wouldn't wear this type of bold lipstick without a lip liner just because you don't want it going all over the place, When I bought this I said to the lady who was helping me I wanted a lip liner to go with it and she kind of just grabbed one for me. So I usually use the Pro long wear lip liner in Kiss Me Quick it does match well although I do think it can bring the shade a little darker which I didn't really want. I should have asked to swatch them myself to find a slightly lighter red of shade but I didn't... So anyway sometimes I just wear a neutral lip liner so I don't take away from the lipstick shade too much. I find using a lip liner just adds that base for the lipstick to cling onto and you never really loose any of the colour off the lips.

In terms of longevity its amazing, I usually wear this for nights out and usually only top it up once or twice throughout the night from where I'd been drinking which for me is fantastic as its just the worst when your having to constantly disappear off to sort it out. This I think is helped by the right prepping and of course the fact that the lipstick is awesome.

To prep my lips I use my Lush Mint Julips which just works wonders in smoothing out the lips I then apply a layer of lip balm whilst I do my make up so it can sink in. Once my make up is finished I then apply my lip liner to the whole of the lips to give that base colour which wont budge. I then apply my lipstick, blot, then apply again and I usually just leave it there, unless I still feel it needs a little more moisture then I dab a small amount of lip balm over the top it doesn't alter the finish if you do it lightly (just a tip you gals with the same issue) For me this is the best way to apply any matte lipstick and I find matte lipsticks tend to have the best longevity so I certainly intend to keep the trend going. I love a good matte lip. Kat x

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