Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Christmas beauty wishlist

In terms of what's on my mind/list for beauty related items this Christmas you can pretty much guarantee its high end make up items, I tend to take Christmas as the opportunity to ask for things I wouldn't or couldn't get for myself otherwise. Not all these Items are on my Christmas list but are certainly things I wish to purchase maybe just after Christmas time if I have a little money left over.

First up is the Tom Ford Lipstick in Black Dahlia. I mean have you seen this colour? It's absolutely stunning and would look gorgeous around this festive time of year, it is a complete luxury item giving its hefty price tag, hence why it is on a wishlist and not already sitting happily in my make up collection. One day this will be mine and I will wear it proudly!

The Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk Foundation has been a much coveted item of mine for so long. From what I have heard and read about it is my ultimate foundation. It's meant to be similar to the Nars Sheer Glow which is my favourite foundation ever so I thought I'd venture out and try something new, however like many high end things I cant seem to get it anywhere near me so next week me and my boyfriend are heading to London for the day so I am so on it getting matched up! It will be mine!

I have a confession... I do not own a Mac make-up brush. Crime? maybe, but non the less it is true, I have not a single Mac brush in my collection so the Mac 217 is top of the list as I feel I may be missing out on something special and honestly kidding myself thinking that the No7 crease brush will do for blending, I've wanted one for so long but I just struggle with handing over £18.00 of my hard earn't pennies on something so small. So on the list it went.

the much hyped about Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyes Palettes. Above I've pictured Vintage Glam, but I also quite like The Dolce Vita. As I haven't seen them in person I'm unsure of which one would suit me so of course my trip to London will consist of a visit to Selfridge's where I can feast my eyes and pick one once and for all. My eyes simply cannot do with looking at the beautiful things online any more.

Bobbi Browns Full Coverage Face Brush has been used in so many YouTube videos and I simply have to have it looks like such a fantastic brush and is the type of dense buffing brush I particularly like for applying my foundation, it was only earlier this year I started using Bobbi Brown products so I would love to expand my collection!

Urban Decay Naked Palette. I cant believe it but I only own the naked basics palette and don't own a single one of the original palettes, You musr be thinking what on earth do I do for a night out! But again its something I've wanted for so long I just haven't had the chance to treat myself to it yet, so for that reason I popped it on my Christmas list in the hope someone will spoil me with it and I can jump on the bandwagon along with all the other girls who have so much love for them.

And finally I couldn't do a wish list without a Mac Lipstick on it so as so many other beauty bloggers I've chosen a similar colour to the Tom Ford Lipstick I want! you cant have too many berry shades right? anyway I have mad my beady little eyes on Macs Diva lipstick its such a beautiful berry shade perfect for this time of year, and honestly not a shade I have too many of in my collection. If I also had to throw in another cheeky one it would have to be Macs Dark Side It's a deep purple shade which is definitely missing from my lipstick collection, so naturally both ended up on my wishlist! x

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