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It's been a while since I last posted, I've been so busy with my uni work, this year has been super busy! I've not done a haul in a long time as I tend to buy things in dribs and drabs however recently everything seemed to run out all at once! Don't you just hate when that happens! however I've been wanting to up my skincare game a little so I've done a bit of shopping and thought I'd have a little share of what I've picked up.

I haven't used a serum before and I've been looking out for something to try. I wasn't sure which one I should go for, but I've heard a lot of great things about the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum, I'd heard it's great for adding moisture to the skin which is something I'm in need of! it was recently on offer on Feel Unique and I'm certainly one for a bargain deal to i thought I'd cave and give it a try.

The Una Brennan Super Facialist Rose Creamy Cleanser is a repurchase of mine, I simply couldn't live without this in my life, it leaves my skin feeling super clean and is my go to for a cream cleanser, I use this mostly in the mornings to freshen up my skin from the night and is just a dream!

I don't really have a night cream that I use religiously, the one I do have I honestly use a couple of times a week as I'm not sure it really moisturises my skin at night. I thought I'd get something a little more fancy to use in the evenings to really hydrate my skin so I went with the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask, I've been using this for a little while, about twice a week and I absolutely love it already. I only brought this in the smaller size as I wasn't sure how my skin would react so I didn't want to go all out with a full size but I absolutely love it so far.

This is my absolute favourite moisturiser I've repurchased this maybe four times already, the Garnier Moisture Match for Normal to Dry Skin is absolutely amazing its so creamy and quenches my skin of all the thirst in the world... Well maybe not in the world but it's hella good stuff. Trust me.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Treatment is something I've used for years! It's great for getting rid of spots and works so quickly witht getting rid of redness too. This stuff got me through my spotty teenage years and now is helping me through my more freak breakout stage in life I seem to be at now.

I've been after some new make up brushes for a while now, I'll be honest I didn't really need them but I felt a void in my make up brush collection and wanted some which were affordable but good quality so I looked no further than Real Techniques. I went for the Nix Picks brushes as they were different to what I have in my collection at the moment and I'm glad I did they're super soft and great to use.

I wanted a new nude lipstick and honestly didn't know which to go for so on a whim I kind of just brought Macs Twig from looking at it online, I'm glad I did, It's a lovely muted pink/brown shade which looks lovely during the day for an effortless chic look.

I love finding new products to use on my brows, I had gotten into a habit of using powder which was great I do love the effect powder can have although, I can never quite shake the precision in shape you can get from a pencil. My only problem is my hair colour is very ash toned so it's hard to find a drugstore pencil which suits me, I went to Mac as I'd used Brunette before (which was too red toned for me) but knew they had others which would suit me better. Anyway I went for the Mac Brow Pencil in Lingering which is still slightly lighter than my hair colour, but I can be a little heavy handed so I thought this could work to my advantage.

I'd been after a new foundation for a while and new I wanted the Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk Foundation, I'd been waiting forever till I could get to London and get myself matched up and I'm so glad I did because I bought it there and then and fell in love.

I had some points which needed using up in Space NK quite a while ago now, and who can pass that up right? I knew exactly what I wanted which was the Nars Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, its slightly more pink toned than I thought but I love the consistency and the colour does look incredible. I really want to start a little collection of these babies. x

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