Mac Studio Fix Plus Powder

Longggest name ever, am I right? Today I have a review of one of my favourite powders. I picked this up ages ago while on a browse through my local Mac counter, It's been on my list of things to try for a while and I'm glad I finally picked it up. 

This product can be used alone as a powder foundation as the name suggests but personally I don't feel this works for me too well, I'm not so sure I'm down with the whole 'powder foundation' thang. Anyway I use this as a powder on top of my foundation and find it works perfectly. Its quite a heavy duty powder as you'd expect from this kind of product so I use this with a smaller size brush to apply, I'm currently using the Eco Tools Tapered Blush brush to apply the product to the places I feel I need the coverage, I apply this to my forehead down my nose, on my chin and around the jaw just to hold my foundation in place without taking away too much of the dewiness my foundation has given me as I find this powder can do that. So if it sounds like something you like (a more matte base) then this is certainly for you. However having said that I am more of a dewey base kinda girl and only applying this to certain parts of my face works perfectly for me.

What I like about this is that despite it being quite medium/full coverage it still allows my natural skin glow through, my natural oils come through ever so slightly (which for me isn't bad) and I think it just leaves the nicest glow to my skin which I love. I find this lasts so well throughout the day and I don't usually need to touch up unless I've been running about during the day, just touching up maybe once to keep any redness to a minimum. I was matched to NC25 in store, but they didn't have that in stock so she gave me an alternative in C3 which has the slightest less yellow tone in it but despite that the shades were super close and were both a very good match for me I don't need to worry about the dreaded foundation line.

If your looking for a medium/full coverage powder which still allows the gorgeous dewy glow to the skin, I can't recommend this enough to you. It's definitely one of my favourite powders I have used. x

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