A little update

As some of you may have noticed, I have been awfully quiet with my blog for the majority of the past year. With my degree being so full on I let my blog take a back seat and only really sat down to write as and when I felt I had time/wanted to. I did consider deleting my blog however when I can, I do really enjoy writing and being part of the community that is blogging. So I persevered and kept going as and when I could. I hope to be better with my blog over the next few months. 

I have now finished my degree and searching for a 'proper' job within photography, I now will have more time to get content out. I have recently moved back to my home town, which means my room I now have allows for more appealing blog photos, which as a Photographer is important to me. I found whilst in my student houses I couldn't get the right natural light to make my images look nice enough to feature on my blog, so now I'm back home I'm hoping to get a lot more done!

In the near future I'm planning on having a little revamp of my blog including the design and my blog name, which is in the process of pinning down to just one. As much as I like my blog name (it was chosen from a nickname my brother gave me when we were little) I feel I want something different and maybe a little unusual. This I feel will help me get back into the swing of things and finally have a blogging schedule.

June was crazy busy for me I set up two photography exhibitions, one of which was in London which was crazy! and I actually Graduated! how crazy is that! I'm officially a graduate now which is scary as the big wide world awaits me now. July as well was pretty busy with finishing up in my job that I'd been in for over a year and having to pack three years of a life up and move back to my home town to a particularly smaller room, which has been interesting to say the least!

Anyway, I wanted to have this little update so people knew where I had been and that I do endeavour to be more vocal on my blog and social media. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summers! x

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