June / July Favourites

June was a very busy month for me so I didn't manage to get around to doing a monthly favourites. So I thought I would combine both my favourites into one. Despite doing this I still don't actually have too many to share as it has been a busy couple of months for me, however I do enjoy writing and reading these so why the hell not.

As some of you may know from my previous post I graduated in June which was crazy, so naturally this is in my favourites. my pictures only arrived recently which is super annoying, but alas they are here. My graduation went so quickly and honestly it is quite a blur. But I had such a good day, it was nice to celebrate three years of hard work with my friends and family.

I absolutely love my filofax! My boyfriend bought me this as my graduation present. I've wanted one for so long and am currently using it to plan my life town to a T! he knew exactly what I wanted... that being in the personal size and in a really nice deep red. I've loved getting into using it decorating the pages and designing inserts especially for what I need. It may sound a little lame but I've been really enjoying it. Once I have it as I want it I plan to do a blog post on it and how I am currently organising myself!

My lovely mum bought me this Michael Kors watch as a graduation present. I absolutely love it, It has a large watch face and lines instead of numbers and numerals making it look clean and minimalist which is what I look for in a watch. She had it engraved on the back which makes it extra special.

As for my favourite lip combo of the past two months it has to be these, granted this is a lot of products for one application however applied in the right way and its not too much. I've been wearing Soar Lip Liner, Velvet Teddy and Twig lipsticks and this lip gloss from Loreal in 103 Protest Queen,which is a really pretty pale/neutral pink colour. It's kind of a vamped up Kylie Jenner look, she keeps it matte, which looks great and I love but sometimes I feel it can look quite flat. However with a added dose of gloss it gives it a three dimensional effect making your lips look bigger as it catches the light and in my opinion a little more acceptable in the warmer months,

For perfume, I've been loving this Body Shop perfume in coconut which is such a lovely light scent and I often get comments on how nice it is when I'm wearing it as it lasts so well. It's been nice having something lighter in scent when it's been so warm in the UK. I'm a big fan of warm, musky type perfumes so having something lighter in scent has been quite refreshing as my collection is primarily evening/winter scents. x

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