The Nude Lip


If you've read my previous favourites post here you will have seen some lip products which I have completely fallen in love with recently. I thought I would show you how I've been wearing them. Nude lips are perfect for those days where you have heavy eye make-up or even just fancy making your lips the centre of attention, of course a nude lip is quite personal depending on you skin tone, however this one is slightly deeper and borders on the slightly unnatural side of things but I'm sure you get the gist. Some of these products have been floating around for a while, so I thought I'd show you how I've adapted them for my own preference.

Prep / Moisturise
Before I apply lipstick (Especially a matte) I like to prep my lips with Lush Mint Julips Scrub, which everyone and their dog knows about! This just lifts and dry patches on the lips leaving a nice smooth even base for any products. I then add a small amount of lip balm like this one by Nivea Hydro Care (not pictured) This is really hydrating and just gives a nicer canvas for lip products to be applied on - I do these steps before I do my make up so then the moisture can sink in whilst I apply my make up.

Lip Liner
I then apply my MAC Soar Lip Liner which is a deep browny/pink shade around the edge of my lips, I don't tend to over draw all my lips as I don't feel I need it, I do however draw slightly over on one side of my bottom lip as it's ever so slightly uneven on one side. As my own preference I like a deep cupids bow as I think it looks really pretty with gloss and bright lip colours, so I just stick to the shape I have, once I've filled the outline I then lightly fill in the centre of my lip so it works as a base and barrier to any fading lipsticks. 

For my lipstick I have been using MAC Twig Lipstick, a muted brownish pink to fill in all over my lips and then pat down slightly so it blends into my lips well. I then like to take a small amount of MAC Velvet Teddy  a deep toned brown, in the centre of my lips to add a little more dimension as I find thick matte shades can sometimes flatten the lips a little. I then just blend this down a little so there isn't too much product sitting on my lips.

To finish off the lips I add a small amount of Loreal Infallible Mega Gloss in Protest Queen on top to add a little shine to the lips, I find this gives the lips a little more definition as sometimes with matte formulas it can end up looking quite flat, which of course is the opposite of what you want. I don't add too much so that it feels as though its slipping around but enough so that when the light falls on them it adds a little somthin' somethin' .

Contour and Highlight (optional)
This is another step I sometimes do depending on the time and whether I really fancy it really. I use my Sleek Contour Kit and take the contour shade with a fluffy brush and just shade in the crease underneath the centre of my lips to create a small shadow, I don't find I really need this but to add to the effect of fuller lips you cant really go wrong with a little extra sculpting. I also use my Benefit Watts Up Highlighter to highlight my cupids bow, this gives an amazing dewey look to the top of the lips which just glistens lightly.

I find this to be really long lasting on the lips even with the gloss, I feel this look gives me a nice added dose of confidence to my day, especially when I'm feeling a little blue. The Image shows me having used the contouring option I added. x

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