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I've been a little spend happy this past month, I cant really tell you why because I'm meant to be making my money last as long as possible seeing as I'm not currently working. However having some low times meant I took to the internet for browsing and reading up on reviews, which of course lead to me buying the odd thing... and then more odd things. so I thought I would do a little round up of what I've got.

I've been on a bit of a lip product covet lately, my list for different lipsticks I want is honestly so long I'd probably be broke if I got them all. Escentual had 25% off on the bank holiday weekend so I decided to get a couple of things, one of which being the Clarins Instant Light lip Perfecter in 02. I hadn't tried any of these and I know they're quite a cult product so I picked what seemed to be the most natural yet visible shade in the range as a little starter for myself. 

I'm a huge perfume gal! I have so many I love and own, however they have all got so low so quickly, I'm not one to buy myself perfumes but I thought I'd treat myself to something I wouldn't normally. My J'adore perfume is probably the lowest of the lot so I decided to go for this one as its such a pretty scent. My boyfriend originally got me this for valentines last year and I fell in love with it and couldn't really imagine not having it in my collection its the perfect warm scent that reminds me of Autumn/Winter so it seemed fitting to get it now. 

My beloved Laguna bronzer is really on its last legs so I wanted to get another high end bronzer. I thought I would branch out a little and decided to go for the YSL Le Sahariennes Blur Perfector in 04 (my first cream bronzer!) this is so beautiful to apply its soft, and blends like an absolute dream, its very natural on the skin which is what I was looking for. The price tag is at £31 but it was a low day so what do you expect when faced with something so pretty? Its really worth the money I would advice on getting it if your looking for something natural, especially for day time. I do think I will be repurchasing my Laguna though as I feel a little lost without it. x

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