My Handbag Essentials Kit

Often when I'm travelling or just generally have a big bag on rotation I carry a 'Kit bag' with me. This has what I like to use in emergencies or just for make up touch ups throughout the day. I like seeing what people keep in their handbags as I'm uber nosey so naturally thought I'd share with you the items I find to be essential when out and about especially on a long day. 

Recently I have been travelling back and forth to London for interviews and staying my boyfriend so I've kept these items on me as the underground can just be so sweaty and gross, and with interviews I want to try and look my best having just travelled everywhere so these are what come with in my usual handbag...

Perfume refill. My mum bought me this ages ago as I was always moaning about carrying my perfume bottles everywhere with me. I keep this in my little pouch if I feel like a little spritz update during the day. the only thing with these is I find I can never remove the smell from the perfume before.. so I now own about four of these.

I always carry powder with me no matter what. I'm currently using the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder as I love how light it is making touch ups easy peasy as it doesn't look cakey with more than one layer. It also has a really good mirror inside which means I don't have to bring a spare.

I own so many lip balms I usually keep one in my car, by my bed, in various handbags and my make up bag so I always have them near by, I can get quite dry lips so I always make sure I have one with me, whether it be to put under lip liners or just during the day. this one is the Nivea Hydra Aqua and I love it, it's so moisturising.

I also normally have a hand sanitizer hanging around loose in my bag as it can kinda get mucky out there.

I always carry with me which ever lip product I'm wearing at the moment, or even one to change up during the day... I mean lets be honest a lot of us have about five floating around in the bottom of our handbags. But anyway I currently have Mac Subculture lip liner in my little bag, I find its just a nice everyday lip colour and is easy to apply, I like keeping a liner in my bag as they stay put all for ages so there good if your out and about.

There's normally about three hair bands hanging around in my bag but its pretty self explanatory, we all know how irritating it can be to have your hair down so I keep one by just in case!

Two things you will always find in all my bags are paracetamol and plasters. I find travelling and just not drinking enough can give me killer head aches so I always have some paracetamol on me. I also have some plasters because no girl should be without them... Just in case! these are held together with a bobby pin which is also a must.

My pill... If its in my bag I wont forget it... I can never leave without either because it lives in my bag, what more can I say?

Everyone knows the tubes are horribly hot places and general travelling can get hot so I have a mini Sure deodorant which I take with me to keep myself feeling a little fresher during the day.

I also keep a hand cream in my bag, this is The Body Shop Absinthe hand cream its my absolute favourite, it's is so nourishing. As you can see mines well battered which means its well loved. x

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