2015 Beauty Favourites

It wasn't particularly hard for me to choose my favourites of the past year as there are simply some items I know I have used more than others for their pure excellence, so without waffling on to much I suppose I should crack on with what I imagine will be a long post.

I feel like Origins has blown up so much over the last couple of years and last year was the one where I dabbled here and there, I have dry skin so I went straight for the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask for night time use - I'm terrible with night cream. This is incredible it smells absolutely delicious, my boyfriend always comments how good my face smells when I use this stuff, so if thats anything to go by... anyway it leaves my skin feeling incredible and my skin literally drinks it up. I need to pick myself up a large tube of this asap. it has to be my absolute fave for skincare of last year.

I'm definitely a medium coverage girl when it comes to my base but i couldn't resist giving Charlotte Tilburys Magic Foundation a try despite it 'full coverage' claims and I'm pleased to say I'm happy I did. I've been using this for a little while now non stop and love the stuff. I make sure I apply a good amount of moisturiser and it goes on a dream and lasts all day its fuller coverage and perfect for them bad ol' skin days. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intensive Cream has saved me as a day moisturiser this year, especially in the winter months as my skin needs a good soaking in creams and potions to survive the bitter English weather. anyway this stuff is rich and creamy and skinks into the skin like a dream and has been used religiously of late.

In terms of Bronzer in 2015 I haven't been the most adventurous as I haven't wanted to splash out on one I didn't really know and not love it but also not want to skimp on one and it be too.. well, cheap in formula. In the while I was without my Nars Laguna Bronzer I confess myself to have felt somewhat lost without it in my collection so I had to go and buy it again so I can use it for daily use and nights out because its perfect for both. It's one of the best ones out there and simply had to make the cut.

I was bought the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush last christmas and I haven't used another brush since... Well maybe an odd one whilst it was drying or to try and branch out... but its been used pretty much constantly this year, its the best foundation brush I have ever used and so worth the money. I honestly cant see myself using another brush anytime soon, so if your still pondering whether to buy it... just do it you wont regret it!

The Bobbi Brown Corrector... Need I say more? I think everyone knows this little wonder product. It can hide all manners of sins under them eyes, whether its stress, alcohol bags or lack of sleep it brightens up errrythang and was instantly repurchased when it ran out and will be soon, as I'm on the dregs again.

If there is something in beauty I struggle to find most its brow products that actually match my hair tone... because nothing high street does. So early in 2015 I invested in the Bobbi Brown perfectly defined brow pencil and its the best brow product I've used, it matches my hair pretty perfectly, it isn't too warm which my brows certainly aren't and it's so easy to use and lasts so long.

Last Christmas I was bought my Naked palette and I have to say I love it. I've used it so much this year and it versatility makes it so good for day and night time looks. It's one of my favourite palettes I own and definitely a fave of 2015 

Another foundation favourite that I simply couldn't miss out because it is simply one of the best foundations I have ever used is the. Nars Sheer Glow, I've used this for two years now and always find myself coming back to it, it's a favourite for nights out and daytime use as it has such a good consistency and longevity. This is my second bottle and certainly not my last. 

A lip duo that I've loved this year, and mostly in the winter months - because of its deep colour is Mac Nightmoth liner and Mac Rebel lipstick. It's so flattering and is a combo I get so many compliments on, it was new to me this year and every time I wear it I just love it more. 

Another lip favourite of mine has to be the Sephora Lip Cream in 01. When I want a long lasting bright fabulous red I usually go for this one. It last so well on the lips and doesn't dry them out personally. It's one I can apply and not worry about it all night whether I'm drinking or eating. Amazing. 

As I mentioned before I had a little rut in the bronzer area of my make up last year and needed to buy myself one that I could use for daily use. After a lot of deliberation I picked up the YSL Les Sahariennes bronzer which is the most stunning daytime bronzer I loved using this and used it pretty much constantly for a couple of months. It blends so well and looks really natural on the skin it's a favourite for the fact it's an amazing product I was surprised by and also the  gorgeous packaging.

Last but not least is my all time favourite perfume of the year which goes to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. It's the most fantastic perfume, my boyfriend bought this for me last Christmas and I have to say not much compares to it. It has a sweet but smokey/sexy scent which smells even more amazing once it's sunken into the skin. When this get a dangerously low I will be buying another bottle. If your in the market for a new fragrance I recommend giving this a try. 

That's a wrap on my favourites of the past year. It's a bit late... But better late than never! x

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