Christmas Presents 2015

I got lots of lovely presents this Christmas, I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. But I thought I would share some of the items I'm most excited about.

I was against Kindles for so long, as I'm a firm lover of a good book, just everything about them the pages, the covers the feeling of a good getting all wrinkled and weathered. However I did have a problem with the fact that some of my books were too big to travel around with and it got annoying having such a heavy bag. So... I caved. my lovely mum bought me this one for christmas and I have to say I am totally addicted! I can hardly put it down and its always attached to me somehow. definitely one of the best things to grace my life.

I have always loved The Brothers Grimm stories, they have always inspired me and stuck with me into adulthood with their slightly darker short stories, compared to the usual 'fairytales'. My boyfriend bought me the complete Grimm fairy tales book to keep me busy and I'm so excited to start reading and delve in. This book is full of all stories so you can really pick which ones you want to read and who can forget how beautiful this book looks?

The Girl on the Train is a book I've heard so much about for a long time, my brother got me this and I'm looking forward to giving this a read. I think it will be a perfect 'before bedtime' read. its supposed to be similar to Gone Girl in its style and writing and I loved that so this should be a good book to get stuck into.

Oh the little pouch of Zoeva. I have been wanting some Zoeva make up brushes for the longest time and my dear mum finally caved and bought me these as a little surprise Christmas present. I was so shocked when I opened them and pleased to finally them in my collection. I've been needing some new eye brushes and these are exactly the ones I've wanted so honestly so smitten right now! they're gorge!

I've been wanting a card holder for the longest time but never really got to separating from my money to buy one, so I new it was something I should probably ask for for christmas, my lovely dad bought me this Vivienne Westwood leather card holder and I'm just obsessed with it! I love it so much, you know when leather has that real leather smell... well this has that and I an tell you how fabulous I feel pulling this out of my handbag when it comes to paying. love it!

Not Pictured

I didn't manage to photograph a couple of items but I'd still like to mention them as I as well love these...

My mum also brought me a beauty chest to go on my dressing table to put my new make up brushes and ever growing make up collection. I really love it and cant wait to put use it in my new accommodation! I will most likely do a post on how I'm using it once I've settled down a little.

And my brother also bought me a photography exercise book which gives me a book full of individual things to photograph with a space to insert the picture with the caption. I think this is such a great gift and will keep me busy whilst also giving me an excuse to use my film camera. 

I'm so grateful for all my presents I got. I love every single one, even the ones I haven't mentioned, I was very spoilt and feel very grateful to all my family. x

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