I've been meaning to write this post since the end of last year but never really got around to doing it as things have been a little crazy for me, but its still important to me to have goals and I think it's still worth sharing them with you. 2015 was a big year for me. I battled through finishing my degree and graduated with a good grade. I held an exhibition in London, I moved home bravely and then swiftly got a job and moved to London. In all it hasn't been the worst year as many there have been ups and downs but I think I came out for the better, perhaps.

I thought I would let you know some my New Years resolutions. A while ago I was talking with my friend who had the thought that making unrealistic resolutions like loosing weight etc that I never stick to is not logical and that actually making them into something that I want to do and accomplish is a far more better way to go about the whole thing so that is what I'm going to be doing this year. 

1. Get my first tattoo
2. Make a blog schedule and rebrand 
3. Start a healthier lifestyle
4. Save more money

I don't think I have chosen anything too unrealistic but more goals for the year than anything, this way I feel even if I do a little something towards these (except maybe the holiday) then I have accomplished something. Something I have wanted for a long time is to get my first tattoo which will hopefully be the first of many, I've never managed to justify the price and being scared of needles has stopped me a little however this year will be my year! I really want to focus on my blog more, for a long time I have been very on and off not knowing where I sit in the blogging world and often going silent, but I am striving to work harder and re brand my blog and hopefully get a bit more of a schedule down.  Starting a healthy lifestyle is something I have always tried to do but often struggle with with work and well...cravings but I'm determined to be healthier and if that leads to losing a bit of weight then that will just be a bonus, I think this will lead onto being healthier in mind and body which will help me grow. Saving money is something I'm good and bad at, I can put money aside but then I'll spend it a month or so later so I haven't really 'saved' anything. I have a lot of things I want/need to put money away for and I'm really determined to finally start. Last but not least I would love to go on holiday, I haven't added this to the list as for now it seems very unrealistic for various reasons, however I'm going to keep a look out for this anyway.

As I said this is super late but I wanted to write it anyway, and it may pay as a reminder of your goals for this year :). x

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