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It seems like forever since I really stocked up on beauty products and re vamped my make up collection and use more products I hadn't used before. Over the past month I've been a little spend happy when it comes to make up, to be honest I feel like my everyday make up needed it and it sure did make me happy having lots of new products to play with. I'll be honest and say I didn't actually buy things I needed I apparently bought things I wanted which probably wasn't the best idea but alas that is what I did.

I've been wanting to try out a Nars Blush (£23) for a while now, so I went along and new exactly which one I wanted to see on myself, so I asked one of the make up artists to pop Orgasm blush on my cheeks and fell in love! I'd tried this before in multiple form but decided to go for the powder and I thought it may be easier to work with. I absolutely love it its so pretty and can be used lightly or slightly heavier for daytime.

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I wish I owned more products from, but when I get to a counter I feel so overwhelmed I never know what to actually pick up. This time however I had a voucher! and was fully prepared to buy an eye shadow palette and I can proudly say that I left with one. I picked up the Dolce Vita (£38) eye-shadow palette, which of course it stunning and I've enjoyed using it for daytime and night time looks, I was originally going to pick up Vintage Vamp but decided the other was a little more wearable for me, although it is still on my list. I also picked up a sharpener (£5) whilst I was there as I have an eye-shadow stick which desperately needed sharpening, not the most exciting but still...

My next target was Bobbi Brown. I forgot to photograph it but I picked up my third pot of the Corrector in Light Bisque (£19) I absolutely love this stuff it completely gets rid of my dark circles, its something I simply cant have in my daily routine. I also fancied trying out the new Tinted Eye Brightener (£21) to use on top on the corrector in that good ol' triangle shape under my eyes to help brighten and highlight , its super nice and does exactly what I want it to and blends really well into my skin.

I've been wanting to add more reds to my current hoard of red lipsticks and there was one which I was missing and new I had to have for such a long time, it is of course Mac Ruby Woo(£15) I've been put off buying it for so long due to the fact that everybody and their cat says it super drying on the lips, however I just couldn't help myself and decided  I needed it in my collection. I also wanted to buy the matching lip liner but they were out of stock (boo!) so I opted for Mac Cherry Lipliner (£12.50) instead as I thought it would match pretty well. I'm still yet to use them but I was thinking of cracking them out over the Easter weekend!

I already own the rose gold eye shadow set from Zoeva and have wanted to get my hands on some of the face brushes as I absolutely love the eye brushes. They have recently been released at work so I grabbed one I new I've wanted for a long time now and didn't think I had one like it in my collection, I went for the 105 Luxe Highlight brush (£13) I haven't used it yet but it's super soft i keep brushing it on the back of my hand and cant get enough!

I think I've now used three different Clarifying lotions by Clinique (£16) all in varying strengths and I think I finally found one that's not going to leave my skin feeling dry and tight, I picked up the one for Dry skin and so far it hasn't left my skin feeling uncomfortable, so so far its a thumbs up from me. Nobody has got time for dry skin especially when it comes to purchasing pricey skincare!

And finally last but not least I have finally caved and bought a Beauty Blender (£16) I'm only a few years late but I really wasn't sure how I felt about spending that much money on a sponge. I've used cheaper alternatives and liked them but haven't been wow'd just yet. I've been watching a lot of Kaushal's YouTube videos and she always uses one and her skin looks amazing so I thought why not give it a go. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to applying my make up tomorrow morning to use my new tools! yay. So, there we have it, my little update on  my overly spend happy month but I'm nonetheless happy with all my purchases although I'm sure my bank balance is not. x

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