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When Lush opened years ago back home, I was so excited I remember my dad coming home with a bag of bath bombs for me, the smell was incredible! But I feel there tends to come a point when showering is just so much more convenient and for a long long time I only showered and never really had baths and therefore never really bought Lush bath bombs, although I was often bought and purchased myself  other products they have on offer and of course loved them.

Anyway when I moved to London I stayed with a friend of mine and she is crazy for Lush she always ordered the most amazing products. So when I moved into my own place and felt the exhaustion of full time work in my body, I decided to treat myself to a relaxing bath and took a leaf out of my friends book and picked up a bath bomb and I haven't looked back. My job means I'm on my feet five days a week for eight and half hours a day, its safe to say I feel the need to relax my muscles after a long week, so ever since falling back in love with Lush bath bombs I decided to pick up a few a couple of weeks ago and here's what I picked up...

First up, I picked up the Ultra Violet Comforter which actually is my favourite so far out of the items I picked up. You just break a little bit off and crumble it under the running tap and tadaaa, bubbles form and the water turns purple. Not only that but it smells of Parma violets, which is probably the best thing ever! It genuinely is very comforting to relax in (as the name suggests) and I will 100% be repurchasing this gem.

The top centre one is called Dragon's Egg and I'll be honest if you name anything with the title dragon I'm going to buy it (I flippin' love dragons) it was the only reason I bought this one. I haven't used this one yet, I think I'm going to save it for a candle lit type bath. This bath bomb is full of Lemon and Bergamot oil along with Jasmine so it's going to smell fresh and relaxing. I always find Jasmine such a relaxing scent so its perfect for a bath bomb.

To the far right is The Experimenter this is a multi coloured bath bomb that I was quite excited to give a go as it was titled 'the motion picture' which made me intrigued from my love of film... It's a strange reason but just go with it. it was a warm and relaxing scent, it kind of reminds me of a winters evening which is nice when you want a comfort evening. However... as awesome as it was watching all the colours fizzing into the water once you see through the thin layer of colour, or it eventually fades away your left with a murky green colour water which reminds me of the sea (here in the UK) which personally I'm not a fan of, so this one was a bit of a disappointment in that respect.

Finally is the Which Came First Bath Bomb this was released for Easter, It's such a big bath bomb and looks so flippin' cute I had to have it. With this one you had to break into three so you got three baths out of this it which I think makes it worth the little bit of extra money. It's full of Essential oils and is so relaxing and softening on the skin. I believe this one is still available in stores but not online.

Lush has quite quickly become one of my favourite ways to treat myself and also relax. It's also great as I've found you don't have to use a full bath bomb in one bath and can make them last longer which is great and saves the pennies when you may need it. If you love Lush products leave a comment below I'd love to get some recommendations! x

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