Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | Review

My skin seems to be going through a stage of constant tightness. I've tried so many things but nothing seemed to have helped. I do think that with the weather changing so much it may have had something to do with that and I tend to use medium/full coverage bases which probably don't help... But you'd think that a really rich cream would solve the problem, well they hadn't so I decided to take the plunge and splurge a little on the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, coming in at a whopping £70! I mean really?! it's a lot of money but I had been watching many videos and reading lots of reviews which say this stuff is simply the best and I've been fed up of this horrid tight feeling which is my skin so I gave it a go, so here are my thoughts

To start off with it is incredibly thick, thick to the point that when you blob it on your face it comes out white. You know how creams which are usually white are usually almost transparent on the skin? well this isn't, obviously when you blend it in its not noticeable but I just thought I'd point that out so you can get a feel of the thickness were talking about. You don't need too much of this as a little goes quite a long way, the cream goes on really smoothly, you can really feel when it's covered your whole face because it just feels that nourished. It leaves a really nice glowey base which acts as the perfect glowing base for your make-up. Charlotte Tilbury often says it gives you that 'lit from within' look which I definitely agree with it gives my skin a definite glow which can be seen from beneath make up and I can safely say that my skin doesn't feel tight or dry at all throughout the day, which is what I've been looking for.

I do however have a couple of gripes with it so I should probably just them done with... As I mentioned before this cream is really thick and I have to say it does feel it on the skin, if your looking for a cream that packs a punch with hydration but you want it to feel light on the skin then this really isn't the one for you, although it hydrates the skin I cant help but feel by the time I've finished my make up that I've got a lot of layers on my skin when I actually don't. I mean its not the end of the world and I don't really notice it later on in the day but initially for me I'm not so keen. The other thing with this is the smell... Now I'm not sure on what the majority of the ingredients do but the mixture of them do give off this smell its kind of a floral/chemically smell which personally I don't particularly like but you can get passed it and it doesn't really stay on the skin all day so your not randomly smelling it throughout the day.

So overall I do love this cream, despite the smell and the feeling of heaviness I think it has its a fantastic cream, which hydrates and gives a fabulous glow to my dehydrated skin. I cant imagine it's a super summery cream as I think the skin feeling light is much more ideal for the hotter weather however I'm yet to find something to beat this cream, if you don't mind the scent of products and are looking for something to completely transform your skin and have the pennies to spend on it then go for it, it is a fantastic moisturiser. x

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